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29,000 employers pay 250,000 employees using 12Pay

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The easiest way to find your user name is by checking the licence form in the software.

Start the software up, and select the licence form by clicking on File, and then Licence:

You'll be shown a licence form which has the user name and password on it:

The user name and password are described on the form as "Internet User" and "Internet Password". The password will appear as "blobs" to start with, but you can reveal it by ticking the "Show Password" tick box that is directly underneath the Internet User box.

If the user name and password are blank then perhaps you are on a new PC, or your settings have been lost, so get in touch with us, with as many details as possible, such as your licence number, the email address that you signed up with, or your company name. We'll then search for your details in our database.

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