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29,000 employers pay 250,000 employees using 12Pay

As from Monday 29th January 2018, ‘12Pay’ will be a trading name and product of IRIS Business Software Limited.

19th April Filing Deadline

The final deadline for late filing of FPS submissions is the 19th April. HMRC will no longer accept FPS returns for the previous tax year after this date.

Once this deadline has passed FPS's relating to the previous tax year cannot be filed therefore an EYU submission would be submitted to correct the previous years payroll.

Please follow the link below to view the Earlier Year Update guide.

Earlier Year Update (EYU) Guide

Manage your own payroll using our HMRC recognised software

Install the payroll software on your PC then make the same entries in the 12Pay payroll software that you would give to your accountant or payroll bureau.

  • Each company can have an unlimited number of employees
  • No need for special stationery; 12Pay can print payslips on blank paper and prints HMRC documents such as P45s for leavers on HMRC stationery or blank paper

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We believe once you try our software you'll want to buy a licence

An annual licence for the Premium Edition costs only £56.00 (including introductory £10 discount), and includes valuable features, some of which are included on a trial basis in the free Express Edition 
  • Many reports and payslip layouts. You can try out the reports and one of the payslip layouts in the free Express Edition for the first few pay periods
  • Online filing of HMRC returns. (Included in the free Express Edition if you have fewer than 10 employees)
  • We also offer the Bureau Edition of our software, with further facilities, unlimited clients, and unlimited employees
Compare the free Express Edition and the Premium and Payroll Bureau Editions to find out which one you need

12Pay can now help remove your automatic enrolment admin burden

  • The Automatic Enrolment Module sits within 12Pay and gives you the ability to assess employees and enrol workers who meet qualifying criteria onto a workplace pension scheme
  • Enables you to publish communications electronically; your employees can access them via their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer
  • Versions are available for the Premium and Bureau edition of 12Pay; find out more

Find out about AE

End User Licence agreement  | Uninstall Guide

A Few Comments from Our Users
"Excellent, compared to the HMRC software it is a doddle. I would definitely recommend this software. David Crayton, Highlands." 
"This is the best software we have found after 20 years of using others including the top names. You cannot beat 12Pay, thank you so much for producing such a fantastic piece of software. Jean Hoyle"
"The 12 Payroll Software is easy to use and it has all the facilities which we need. Thanks Raj ( M J Harvey & Co Chartered Accounts)" 
"I would like to thank the staff at 12PAY for their extremely efficient and helpful service. In my dealings with them they have always been extremely polite and courteous. The payroll package is user friendly and easy to use. Dina Pejcinovic Banks & Co"
"I have used three payroll software and 12Pay is my favourite. Its calculations are extremely accurate (i. e. identical to HMRC calculator's) and the system is straight forward to use. Thank you! Anna"

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