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29,000 employers pay 250,000 employees using 12Pay

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To ensure you are ready, we have put together a Payroll Year End training video that will help guide you through the process within your 12Pay Payroll Software.Just £50 for payroll peace of mind

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We're here to helpWe are always glad to hear from our users.

If you have a question please check before contacting us that your question is not already answered on our website.

Links to several pages offering answers to our most common questions are on the right, here.

Or you can contact us through the forum, email, or phone, and we'll help you. Please quote a currently live premium licence number when contacting us for support, unless you are in the very early stages (the first week or month) of trying the software out.

Registered users (registration is free) can ask any kind of question in the Forum. You can also check the forum to see if someone else has already asked your question and had it answered.From your point of view the fastest answers may already be in our FAQ or the forum, but we are always happy to receive your queries, and we'll answer them as promptly as we can... (Click here to send an email to support@12pay.co.uk).

If you have a general RTI query please do not contact us without first checking this link:  12Pay is Ready for RTI

But if your query is urgent, or you just need to talk to someone you can call:

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