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29,000 employers pay 250,000 employees using 12Pay

Are you ready for Payroll Year End?

To ensure you are ready, we have put together a Payroll Year End training video that will help guide you through the process within your 12Pay Payroll Software.Just £50 for payroll peace of mind

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You should buy a premium licence for the following reasons :

  1. Save time. Premium licence holders can submit year-end P14/P35 data to HMRC electronically regardless of the number of employees (though you'll need a Bureau licence if you have more than 30 employees). So a tedious year-end task is reduced to a few minutes figure-checking and then pressing a couple of buttons.
  2. Present a professional image by putting your company logo on payslips and altering their colour to match your company style. Premium users also gain access to several payslip layouts. A4 payslips that are window-envelope ready, selfseal security mailers, and a layout with two A5 payslips already placed on an A4 sheet so you don't have to press the multiple documents per page selection in the Acrobat print dialog. After the trial period the only payslip available is a very simple Pay Statement unless you purchase the Premium Edition.
  3. Save paper and ink and time by automatically emailing payslips to your employees so they can print them themselves if they want. Employees who don't have email can still have physical payslips printed.
  4. Save time by making your bookkeeping easier. The premium edition produces a summary report showing the entries you need to make in your bookkeeping system. If you have Sage Line 50 you can even update the  accounts directly by importing a journal file.
  5. Save Time with the useful reports. The Premium Edition has several reports that you are allowed to trial in the Express Edition. These reports make it easier to check your payroll and give your directors something to sign off. Also the premium edition can do mass runs of documents like payslips, P11s, and P60s whereas after the trial period you have to request these for each employee with the Express Edition.
  6. Save time by submitting P45s and P46s to HMRC electronically at the click of a button rather than preparing paper documents and putting them in the post. (The free Express Edition permits this if you have fewer than 10 employees in a PAYE year, otherwise you'll need the Premium Edition to do it)
  7. Make HR compliance easier. HR information about your employees can be stored in the payroll system if you are a premium licence holder. For example it is a legal requirement for your employees to have written contracts or statements of employment. The premium software links to a BERR tool for producing these, and premium users can associate documents stored on their PCs with particular payroll employees so that they can easily be retrieved. Premium users can also produce a paper statement of employee details that can be stored in company HR records.
  8. Save time by keeping your employee holiday and non-statutory absence records in the payroll system. The system keeps track of holidays taken and entitlement for regularly paid staff, so that you can easily work out how much holiday regular staff are owed at any time.
  9. Feel good about yourself. Last but not least; 12Pay is high quality payroll software that easily rivals expensive competitive products. The price at which we offer a premium licence is lower than any other practical method we are aware of for managing a company payroll on your PC. Buying a licence from us rewards us for producing quality software. Once you are happy that the software is working correctly for you (however long that takes is up to you) we urge you to buy a premium licence and turn that red copyright message at the bottom of the reports into an almost invisible dull grey.
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