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29,000 employers pay 250,000 employees using 12Pay

Are you ready for Payroll Year End?

To ensure you are ready, we have put together a Payroll Year End training video that will help guide you through the process within your 12Pay Payroll Software.Just £50 for payroll peace of mind

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Don’t take our word for how good 12Pay’s payroll software is. Have a look at what our customers are saying. 12Pay’s payroll management software is simply one of the most popular desktop software programs for any UK company wishing to manage PAYE, wages, NI contributions etc. Further comments from some our users can be seen here.

"I have always done payroll manually in the past. Since RTI came in I have used 12Pay and have been delighted,wish I had used it before"25/03/14
"Excellent product.Thank you!"21/03/14
"We have been using 12Pay "Premium" for almost 12 months now, and are pleased to relate that it is probably one of the best pieces of software we have ever come across - most probably the best when factoring in cost. Just wish you had an equivalent accounts package guys!! - Brian Dibb, Rombalds Hotel, Ilkley Moor Baht 'At."21/03/14
"found this payroll easy to use. Support line always helpful."19/03/14
"If Carlsberg produced payroll software...it would work like this, but their support couldn't be as responsive and helpful as 12Pay's."18/03/14
"It's amazing"17/03/14
"I changed over from Iris and this is my second year with 12Pay and I am very pleased to renew. Straightforward to use but if you do need help its always at hand.Heather, Cleancare Northern Ltd"11/03/14
"I find 12Pay very easy to use and I like the rapid response that I have had from the service team whenever I have had a query on the use of the software, particularly when new facilities have been introduced such as RTI"11/03/14
"Excellent product, use for one man company and like the fact that I have been able to get started at low cost and buy a copy when the business has more than one employee."07/03/14
"well done to your back up team ..Excellent service"06/03/14
"Brilliant service and fantastic software.Fabian VieyraJules RestaurantLlandrindod wells"05/03/14
"Fantastic payroll!"04/03/14
"I love 12pay. It's designed in modern technology and shows no signs of the Sage disease of stuff bolted onI've not had to print anything for years thanks to the pdf facilitites."04/03/14
"I'm a new employer and have never used payroll software before. 12Pay is a well designed and easy to follow system for a novice like me."02/03/14
"12pay is amazing and so easy to use i will never look back !!"02/03/14
"Thoroughly brilliant program!! Easy, fully comprehensive, does all it needs to do and so much more. Thanks guys"27/02/14
"Using it for some years now, very easy and we just like it."27/02/14
"Simple to use!"26/02/14
"Very useful for dealing with RTI"26/02/14
"So far so good very good to use"25/02/14
"Clear & simple to use software. Speedy response when I've needed extra help.Thank you"25/02/14
"Despite being very apprehensive at first I have found 12Pay payroll extremely easy to use and would recommend it."24/02/14
"fantastic thank you"22/02/14
"Excellent software, customers support is fast and friendly. won't change it for anything else! Haq Accountancy"15/02/14
"very user-friendly. Recommend it to others"07/02/14
"Very straightforward and easy to use.Help is always at hand so that problems get sorted quickly."06/02/14
"12Pay is very user friendly and when in doubt the support services are helpful and succinct. Seymour Accountancy Services."04/02/14
"Easy to use, effective"02/02/14
"Very useful"01/02/14
"Amazingly easy to use!"30/01/14
"Brilliant - was somewhat unsure if I could achieve my first payroll without an accountant - but I did - thanks to this software."27/01/14
"easy to use and understand"16/01/14
"Very simple to use and excellent/fast support. Makes my life easier!"09/01/14
"Perfect - makes my life so much easier. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you!!!"06/12/13
"I am very impressed with the 12Pay payroll software. It is one of the most user-friendly payroll software I have used. It is much much better than Sage payroll and Iris software. I would without any hesitation recommend this software to all payroll software users.M R Bhautoo FCCAM R Bhautoo & Co, Chartered Certified Accountants"29/11/13
"Very Simple and easy to use. A great tool for a first time business."12/11/13
"Best payroll software I have used"06/11/13
"I'm very pleased with this software..as a first time user of payroll software, i have found this easy to setup and use. After the initial setup procedure of typing in all my employee details, the software does absolutely everything else for me. Finally, the big bonus for me is the price..it's inexpensive compared to a lot of rivals."31/10/13
"Very easy to use with all the features needed"28/10/13
"Thank you for allowing me to use this software free I only have 1 employee. I have recommended this to a lot of people."10/10/13
"Easy to use, not complicated, cost less."10/10/13
"Great Software for a Free Trial Will Purchase soon.....Thanx.RegardsDr James G McLetchie"08/10/13
"The payroll softwear is so easy to use, it takes the pain out of payroll! Any queries are answered swiftly and clearly. We are very pleased with the package."07/10/13
"Most comprehensive software I have ever had and the Backup/Help Desk excellent"07/10/13
"It's wonderful"05/10/13
"Very good service"03/10/13
"Excellent easy to use system"02/10/13
"very easy to use, thank you"30/09/13
"Very good software. Thanks"30/09/13
"The payroll software is very efficient and easy to use."30/09/13
"Very good system and Company most helpful"26/09/13
"Great easy to use package at a fair price"25/09/13
"So easy to use will certainly be purchasing"23/09/13
"Very quick simple and easy to use. Good programme well worth the money"20/09/13
"Excellent business softwareDavid Dillingsmart school uniform"20/09/13
"Out of all of the free software I investigated, this was the first to calculate NI spot on. Well done"18/09/13
"I must recommend not only the product - which I think is great - but also the SERVICE provided. I bought a new computer system and was having difficulty accessing my 12 pay folder. As a last ditch plea for help I emailed 12 pay ON A SUNDAY and although they are normally closed, I received a response from TOM who solved my problem in a matter of minutes, over the phone. I can't thank him enough and I would never entertain another payroll company after this and can only give this company the highest accolade for product & service.Gerry Tucker.Partner, Pulse Recruitment Bureau."16/09/13
"12pay seems very promising to resolve our payroll needs. I look forward to using this software"15/09/13
"Very easy to install. The best!"10/09/13
"its brill!!!"29/08/13
"I like the plain paper printing of payslips & P60."29/08/13
"12pay is a good payroll system as it is user-friendly and each to use.Business Consultant ManagerMultiple Choice Accountancywww.multiplechoiceaccountnacy.com"28/08/13
"This is the first time I have attempted Payrol and 12Pay seems very easy to follow"28/08/13
"Great piece of software. Very easy to use and very reasonably priced."24/08/13
"I have had huge help from Ken at 12pay. Now I am trying to register another employer."07/08/13
"Early days but brilliant so far."05/08/13
"Wao what a great deal!"30/07/13
"Carlsberg don't make payroll software, but if they did, it would be called 12pay. It just works beautifully. I use it for my payroll bureau, and recommend to any person looking to run their own payroll."28/07/13
"Very easy to use. Excellent software"26/07/13
"Thank goodness for 12Pay!"26/07/13
"found it very easy to use"26/07/13
"Great system - intuitive and easy to use, wish I had known about this years ago :)"26/07/13
"Great Software at a Great Price!"22/07/13
"Have bought the 3 year Premium Licence again -as such good value for money and the experts on the helpline are unfailingly polite, patient and very very good!"19/07/13
"I have looked at this product, and as there are only two emplyees in my company it suits us great. It is also very easy and understandable software, which I needed. Thanks"18/07/13
"As an experienced payroll administrator I have used many brands over the years but find 12pay to be so easy! I have invited other inexperienced staff to try it and they had no problems producing the desired result. Well done 12pay - Sandra, Fife"16/07/13
"Great easy to use package and the customer support is efficient and very helpful, thanks"11/07/13
"Brilliant! There is no other payroll like you and you are the most helpful people on earth. Thank you"11/07/13
"Looks simple to use. I have recommended it to a number of friends and shall be exchanging information with them on ease of use and hitches if any. Shall keep you informed."08/07/13
"Am very happy.God bless"02/07/13
"GOOD SERVICE"02/07/13
"Far and away the most user-friendly Payroll software. You simply can't go wrong with 12Pay. Superb."23/06/13
"Very impressed with this program. Straight forward to use excellent for small businesses"20/06/13
"thought id never get to grips with this made easy for a novice like me spot on"19/06/13
"Great service so far"17/06/13
"Getting peeved with my existing Ceridian payroll services charging £60 per month, plus want £213 to register for RTI on my behalf. Spent 3 hours today working with this software to find it does everything I need, and have yet to pay a single penny."15/06/13
"Love this software - so straightforward to use, but help is always on the end of the phone if you need it - would not hesitate to recommend."10/06/13
"excellent package"09/06/13
"Very helpful on phone query regarding registration"04/06/13
"wonderful easy to understand and use"03/06/13
"easy to follow"29/05/13
"Top quality software"29/05/13
"This is by far the easiest to use package I've ever tried at a vary reasonable price. The support is second to none as well!Baskerville Arms HotelClyro, Powys."27/05/13
"12Pay has been a great product. I replaced Sage payroll with this a few years ago and it is the best decision I have made. No more worries about upgrades or additional charges whenever the Tax Codes, allowances or NI rates changed. 12Pay does it all. The changeover to RTI was so easy with 12Pay I am more than happy with this product."22/05/13
"Very easy to use"19/05/13
"Simple and easy to use for a mature aged person not using computers daily."17/05/13
"Does exactly what it promises to do. Simple, straightforward, and much quicker than I've been used to with a fully supported branded package. Would highly recommend."15/05/13
"Thanks very much this software is easy to use and works well on my pc"14/05/13
"Having spent 4 weeks trying to get our heads round another very complicated piece of software we found 12pay by accident, within 8 hours our payroll was up and running with the backlog all sent to HMRC. Slight problem with the setup but that was our fault. Fantastic software would recommend it to anyone."10/05/13
"Took a while to get my head round the software but once used to the screens find it very easy to use"10/05/13
"Been very straightforward so far, seems very well thought through."09/05/13
"12Pay payroll software is the most customer friendly l have come across and a easy quick joy to use."08/05/13
"Very lovely"06/05/13
"Very impressed. Makes light work of something I expected to be much more complicated! Thanks :)"03/05/13
"brilliant that its free"01/05/13
"First attempt on using the 12 pay roll software but all seems very straight forward as when clicking in each box it explains what is required and I have also rang the helpline which were very patient and helpful with my queries. As only 1 employee chose the free version for now but likely to pay for it later if I am successful. Wow I have produced a wage slip!."01/05/13
"thanks getting on ok so far"30/04/13
"12Pay software seem very easy to use for the small payroll user"29/04/13
"Easy to load up, very helpful support"28/04/13
"I find the video useful"28/04/13
"Seems very easy to use."28/04/13
"payroll tasks made easy !"27/04/13
"1st month on the RTI scheme 12pay has made the process straitforward and given good advice and information"27/04/13
"Easy to use with step by step instructions, which I need!! Great package."26/04/13
"This software is fantastic. Very user friendly beats a lot of other big named brands I've used in the past."24/04/13
"Just downloaded free version .. seems user friendly thanks"24/04/13
"Easy to set up- thank you"24/04/13
"great software so easy to use and I am a complete novice at payroll"24/04/13
"Excellent software package, especially when starting a business for the first time. User-friendly and comprehensive"23/04/13
"Great software, I have been using it for 3 weeks and I'm upgrading."22/04/13
"Apart from the software being very easy to use I like the fact that the support is excellent. Very good online help and if I can not find an answer there is no listening to hundreds of options on the phone and press as many buttons for hours - a human being is picking up the phone and talks to me and provides a solution."22/04/13
"Thank you for the use of the free payroll software. We are a small church with just one employee at present."18/04/13
"easy to use"18/04/13
"The software is very easy to install and operate,the after sales support and advice is exemplary and unbelieveably prompt. I would thoroughly recommend this package for excellent value, especially when compared to higher priced alternatives."18/04/13
"Hi,I've just downloaded your free Payrole Software for RTI. It great, not being very confidant with the new payrole and a very small company, with one part timer, it is so simple to use and my life will be so much easier !!!!Warmest regards, Frantastic Crepes"17/04/13
"Thank you, your website is easy to use and understand. As we are a registered charity with limited funds we cannot incur the expense of purchasing a licence when HMRC rules changed with the introduction of RTI."17/04/13
"I am very happy with the 12pay software. Straightforward to use, good resources for queries and reasonably priced.Kevin Blythe, Direct Blythe Accountancy Services Ltd."16/04/13
"good product easy to follow I recommend it thanks"12/04/13
"First time using software for payroll, really pleased at the quick solutions provided for initial registering problems."12/04/13
"It is so easy to use and really efficient. I will be recommend this software at every opportunity. Excellent value and excellent customer support. Lesley Ann Warne, Shropshire."11/04/13
"Ideal for small business with only 9 employees starting to use payroll system."09/04/13
"Very clear & easy to use. Video presentation was very helpful!"08/04/13
"So simple to get started can look forward to an easier life"06/04/13
"Thanks for providing some great free software that's been really easy to set up, even for a technophobe such as me!"06/04/13
"Now I have upgraded to the Bureau licence it is so easy to submit P46 P45 and P35 end of year returns. Plus the software looks for new tax code notices. I have saved so much time not re entering the information into HMRC website. I would definately recomend it to anyone who uses 12pay."05/04/13
"could not decide which payroll to use, Pay12 advisor called back and was helpful"05/04/13
"Very Helpful - specially giving express download for free for 2 employees"04/04/13
"First impressions are that this is easy to use and very user friendly with no fuss."04/04/13
"first time using this system and so far im please with the layout and simplicity"04/04/13
"Fantastic system. I have recommended it to friends"03/04/13
"Took one look at HMRC Basic Tools and gave up, this seems a much easier and simply solution for me."30/03/13
"Easy to use and incredible value for money compared to other payroll software avaliable."28/03/13
"Initial set up only used so far, however the software seems exsteamly easy to use and navigate"27/03/13
"Have recommended 12Pay to colleagues - all are using it now!"25/03/13
"So far looks excellent so I will trial it for the interim and see how it goes - too early to say as yet but very intuitive."24/03/13
"Very nice software"23/03/13
"Only just started to use this, but it seems very easy and they are extremely willing to give assistance if you need any help"22/03/13
"A very easy payroll system"19/03/13
"Very simple and easy to use. Set-up and paid my first employee in 5 minutes. Now doing on-line filing to HMRC."19/03/13
"It seems to be a nice software would like to use the free version to see how it works."19/03/13
"Great Software!"18/03/13
"We have had this for four years now and it is the best software ever! at first i thought this is so complicated but it was because it was that easy to use i was expecting that i would have to do more, it does it all for you great product would defo. recommend *****"18/03/13
"I'm so much in love"14/03/13
"I found the software extremely user friendly and the support is second to none. Excellent!Colette Bissette - Swinley Office Solutions"13/03/13
"12PAY is very easy and very good for small business."13/03/13
"Simplicity itself.Fantastic payroll System. Best I have used in 40 years of trading."12/03/13
"We have started to import data and complete the company setup with 12payroll, initially we where aprehensive of the change, however this is the best change in our payroll software. This has also come at a good time in terms of RTI and look forward to the new changes ahead. Well done 12Payroll, easy to use and a completely effortless software.Christie & Co"09/03/13
"so far it seems the easiest to use as i am not to confident on the computer."07/03/13
"Very good and helpfull staff in the call centre"07/03/13
"Fantastic. Easy to use, I love it!"06/03/13
"Excellent support with any queries we have hadCHC"04/03/13
"Tried the free version out with a view to suggest our church using it. Found it very easy to use and was able to demonstrate it to show that it did what the church required."03/03/13
"Do I like the 12Pay payroll software? Yes I do! Easy to use and there's is always someone to talk to if I'm having difficulties"28/02/13
"Still finding my way around but this has the potential to do the job in record time. Impressed, and greatly assisted by help pages and videos. Extremely user friendly feel to it."28/02/13
"A simple and straightforward system to use and I find the helpdesk very helpful."27/02/13
"Easy to use, friendly help,works well"24/02/13
"Like it as it is easy to use"23/02/13
"Marvelous service!!"19/02/13
"Great Thanks"18/02/13
"Looks easy to use"18/02/13
"On using trial software have found that it should totally suit our needs and it does seem to make life easier processing our small payroll"15/02/13
"This payroll is so easy to use."13/02/13
"Very simple software to use. Very cost effective. All payroll info can be printed on A4 paper eg payslips etc. Very good online & telephone support."25/01/13
"This software is simple to use, does everything I need to pay my 25 staff (most working variable hours at multiple pay rates) and has the best customer support of any package I have ever used. Period."11/12/12
"Am getting used to it - speed of calculations is brilliant- saves me a great deal of time and love the payslip printing."29/11/12
"We have been using 12Pay for 6 months on a large number of clients. This is an excellent package that is relatively easy to learn and use and far better than other products we have used. We have not needed any support with the product. Great value for money."28/11/12
"Great package, very easy to use, not been using 12pay very long but professional now"28/11/12
"Looks good so far!"23/11/12
"A fantastic piece of software, supported by an equally fantastic support team who are always so helpful and patient. End of year guidance superb and all in all the software is really user friendly, even for a complete novice like me. Have no hesitation in recommending it."16/11/12
"I cannot recommend 12Pay highly enough. It is cheaper and more efficient than the obvious rival! Amanda, TLC PR, Liverpool"09/11/12
"Have just started my own payroll business, and the program is EXCELLENT does everything you need and more, highly recommend to anybody!"04/11/12
"The payroll once you get used to it is much better and easier to use than the leading brand. It saves you alot of money in stationery and time. The year end process is alot quicker and you get the P60's ready to print. Absolutely marvellous and so reasonably priced. Highly recommend it.RR"31/10/12
"Easy and efficient for 'amateurs' I have found it so over the past year"30/10/12
"So easy to use and get initial info from. Thank you. Andrew W. MD"28/10/12
"I have found 12Pay a great tool for our small charity. The videos were a great help in learning how to use. I am able to calculate our wages quickly and easily."24/10/12
"Only just started but appears very user-freindly and will do everything needed by a small compasny"12/10/12
"This is a great easy to use piece of software. Thank you 12Pay"11/10/12
"12Pay is absolutely brilliant. 10 times better than Sage payroll and better value for money. I would recommend it to everyone."05/10/12
"User friendly and entirely dependable with excellent helpline. Using express edition for small company and premium for SME"02/10/12
"Love it, love it, love it!!! Really user friendly and a fraction of the cost of other payroll software I have looked at. Would not use anything else"27/09/12
"Very good software"27/09/12
"I have used 12Pay software free for the last 6 months. I find it very simple to use and am now buying a licence. Thankyou."26/09/12
"Have found this software very helpful to our growing business. (Aughton M.O.T Centre)"25/09/12
"makes life so much easier with payroll stuff!"24/09/12
"12Pay payroll is very easy to use and I am going to upgrade to the Premium very soon."22/09/12
"Easy to install and use ;)"19/09/12
"great piece of software"14/09/12
"Very good, reliable, affordable fee and easy to use software!"10/09/12
"Fantastic easy to use system"08/09/12
"I work for several companies and have access to several types of Payroll Software but this is by far the most user friendly I have come across. The Bookkeeper, West Sussex"24/08/12
"Very please with the software"10/08/12
"Brilliant! Up and running in 30 mins."09/08/12
"Great software, keep up the good work."06/08/12
"A breath of fresh air, knowing we can get our pay slip sorted out with minimal delay, as and when we need them.Drain & Sewage Pumping System Services Ltd"03/08/12
"I have found 12Pay a marvellous tool to take the drudgery out of payroll prep."01/08/12
"Very user friendly software, straightforward and easy to understand and use. Keep up the good work."30/07/12
"very gooooooooddd"24/07/12
"Yes, I find your software, easy to use and work with."20/07/12
"12Pay seems to be very easy easy to use and it very user-friendly for a non-expert like me."13/07/12
"This software is a pleasure to use and takes the pain out of payroll. The support is also a pleasure to deal with."12/07/12
"Having had no experience of payroll I was worried not understand all the PAYE and NI but I found 12pay really easy to get into and use."10/07/12
"Excellent software, really easy to use and customer service is excellent."03/07/12
"A clear system with excellent support when neede"30/06/12
"Fantastic system, and brilliant support. 12pay has not only helped start my business but they have been there pretty much every step of the way so far... couldnt be more thankful. Lee"28/06/12
"Amazing payroll software, does exactly what it says on the tin and at a price significantly lower than any of the competitors. Bear Bookkeeping"27/06/12
"I am looking forward to using this programme"20/06/12
"This is my first experience with paying staff and using a payroll system. I found the system easy to get around, and their helpline is fantastic - less than 12 hr response every time I email out of hours, and always a return phone call. Great!"20/06/12
"We have been using 12Pay payroll software for a few years now and we have never been disappointed. It saves us time and money. Highly recommended software for accountants and individual companies."19/06/12
"Thank you very much. This hasbeen very easy to use"18/06/12
"Very user friendly and easy to process"16/06/12
"have tried the free express and i am about to purchase the premium and cis extentions thank you for this product its excellent"13/06/12
"I have only one employee but if this is good I will recommend it!"12/06/12
"i am impressed - much better than sage which i have used for the last 10 yearsrgds nigel"11/06/12
"very good and easy to to use"09/06/12
"I was using the tables from HMRC - since purchasing licence from 12 pay last year I have acquired 2 more clients and the added-value to them has more than doubled!"29/05/12
"I found it very easy to use and the video is extraordinary, makes work very very easy."29/05/12
"How wasy was that.. Im embarassed at how long I struggled without this software. Great support too. Its not just a sales gimmick. They are helpful."26/05/12
"Just brilliant!"25/05/12
"Thanks a lot for your best PAYE Software"25/05/12
"The software is very straightforward and simple to use, a great tool."24/05/12
"I find it very user friendly and easy to follow and the help when needed always there"22/05/12
"As a complete novice to doing payroll I can happily recommend 12 Pay. I have found the customer support excellent both by e-mail and telephone. The guys show great patience even when faced with ignorant queries such as mine. The license is good value for money compared to the market leaders and the software is user friendly, connecting well with HMRC etc. The ability to have your software on several machines is also a great feature if, like me, you have various interests and computers in different locations. All in all, excellent !Scott McKenzie"20/05/12
"So far, so good...an excellent product...Thank you!"18/05/12
"Simple and straightforward thank you, once a friend ran through it with me."18/05/12
"This seems a quick and easy way to runn a payroll when you only have limited knowledge."17/05/12
"Just found your website and have downloaded trial/express version. Seems very easy to use and produces good printouts"15/05/12
"I like it very much may be next year I will upgrade"15/05/12
"Its brilliant"10/05/12
"i have only used the inland rev site for wages so this is my first experiment and so far i like it."10/05/12
"Very easy to use software - ideal for small companies."07/05/12
"Great software, very easy to use, plus free so even better! Didn't want to spend loads being a one woman band but takes too long to calculate manually! Thanks"05/05/12
"This is my first experience of running Payroll, as recommended in the book 'Brilliant Book-Keeping' and I have to say that I love it's simplicity and even as a beginner I can use it! Many thanks 12Pay! Cliff, Promian Property Management."05/05/12
"I am so happy using this payrole system. The end of year was soooo easy to do. Thanks."04/05/12
"Looks a really simple and easy to use system so far. The prompts that show up at each section are really helpful. Well thought out piece of software and I will look to refer it to others inthe future. Thanks"04/05/12
"VERY GOOD"04/05/12
"Straight forward and great simple software and an unbelievable price. Great work."04/05/12
"Great response times; easy to use and the bureau version makes sense for small payrolls"03/05/12
"This package looks very good looking at trial version and then to buy"02/05/12
"its a good system"01/05/12
"better than paye tools"30/04/12
"So far so good, have used Sage up till now but we only have a couple of employees and the yearly charge is getting silly."26/04/12
"This is the first time I have used a payrolon the pc and found the startup video very helpful. the executive is great for I haveonly one employee and I can do the payslipseasily. Thank you so much for taking the worryout of this area of my business, with no needfor expensive accountants fees!"24/04/12
"This product is, quite simply, brilliant. It is easy to use and excellent value for money. [Steve, TAAB Solutions]"21/04/12
"I don't know how I did payroll etc before I discovered 12Pay. It's so simple to use! Thank you."20/04/12
"Everything is working fine so far. Easy to use"20/04/12
"12Pay is the easiest piece of payroll software I have come across to use for the non accountant business owner. It saves time and is cost effective."19/04/12
"Superb. Simple to use, excellent screen layouts, clear built in help screens, phenomenal support, both by email and by phone and an easy to use import from excel facility."19/04/12
"This seems to be very good; just got it and I am trying my way around - so far very intuitive and easy to use. Excellent product."17/04/12
"Excellent, really pleased"16/04/12
"looks good so far"15/04/12
"very good so far"15/04/12
"This is the best software we have found after 20 years of using others including the top names. You cannot beat 12Pay, thank you so much for producing such a fantastic piece of software. Jean Hoyle"14/04/12
"Excellent and very user friendly"14/04/12
"Only just getting started but 12pay have been most helpful so far and well recomended by friends"13/04/12
"Excellent - will Upgrade to the Premium Edition when my new business gets going"11/04/12
"Just started to use, only got i employee but seems easy to use and helpful."10/04/12
"This looks like a great bit of software. I have tried the free version, but it well worth the money to get the full product."08/04/12
"Using Pay123 is very easy. I only employ 1 person, so it is a bit overkill, but it works well."06/04/12
"Helpful staff, good product."06/04/12
"Easy to understand"05/04/12
"Software is very easy to use."05/04/12
"most helpful"05/04/12
"Very easy to use"28/03/12
"I have been using 12Pay for about a year now after going out on my own. I used to run a large payroll Bureau for a practice using other expensive payroll softwares, and I can safely say that 12Pay has been the easiest, most reliable and value for money payroll software around that I have used. I won't be using anything else ever again! Thank you 12Pay for providing a product that does what it says on the tin and makes my life easy."27/03/12
"I think 12Pay is a perfect solution for both small and large businesses. We changed over from Quickbooks due to Intuit's high pricing, forced upgrade policy and less than helpful customer services. In contrast, the 12Pay team are courteous, efficient and a real credit to the industry. Thanks for an excellent product and great service."26/03/12
"Easy to use software and doesn't have an ancient looking user interface as with other popular payroll software."23/03/12
"Great software, easy to use and fantastic for a small busines"22/03/12
"Hi All Your product definately deserves a comment!! Very very good product, everything could not be made simpler, definately designed with the end-user in mind and it shows lol i work in IT Support!! Well done to you guys!!New to payroll software but not to IT so testing software for in-house use and have to say all experience with this software so far is very very positive! Great little Product!!!"19/03/12
"I've made the switch from SAGE L50 payroll to 12 Pay and it couldn't be simpler to use. Well thought out and very intuitive."15/03/12
"Just renewing my premium licence after an excellent year. The easy to use software has been a life-saver in my capacity as Treasurer for a charity with staff to pay. I wouldn't have known where to start, but 12Pay takes care of all the complicated processes."11/03/12
"this is good for pay roll"11/03/12
"it's very simple to use"07/03/12
"As a small family run company we have found the free payroll software to be invaluable and perfect for our needs."07/03/12
"You are the best company when it comes to helping any PAYE issues"04/03/12
"Easy and simple to use"28/02/12
"12Pay package is very user friendly"24/02/12
"I have a bureau licence and run payroll for 12 companies. 12Pay is simple to use, the technical support is excellent and it is very good value for money. Thank you!"23/02/12
"The software is very comprehensive and at present being utilised for start-up business. The free software helps tremendously with costs during this critical stage."15/02/12
"Even for a thick computer user like me, it has proved to be an easy system to use and has saved me an enormous amount of time"14/02/12
"Excellent software, back up great and you always have the right advice. Could not run my business without it."10/02/12
"I have trialled this for 3 months and do find it very useful. Easy to use."08/02/12
"Easy to understand and comprehensive in coverage of what needs to be done."03/02/12
"Great software, flexible and easy to use even for non accounts oriented people. Highly recommend it"02/02/12
"Just works!"31/01/12
"Very flexable, very powerful tool"30/01/12
"Very pleased with the programme. Very user friendly."27/01/12
"Good Software"23/01/12
"Just downloaded the free version and have registered it to MwBuildingConservation. Fully intend to buy a premium licence but as my client is a new start business, we are going to use the "free" period first. Haven't yet started to use the software, but it all looks pretty straight forward to me.Many thanks - you will be hearing from us!"18/01/12
"It looks to be easy to use"17/01/12
"I've been impressed so far easy to use and follow. Thanks"10/01/12
"Wonderful! The software easy to use and it has made my job so much easier! And the support from 12 Pay is brilliant."10/01/12
"User friendly, great product"08/01/12
"very helpfull software indeed"05/01/12
"love it"05/01/12
"Fantastically easy & user friendly"30/12/11
"once you get started very easy to use"28/12/11
"Have been using 12 Pay for a year now. Very easy to use."15/12/11
"I have a one-employee payroll. This software is just what I need - well developed with a good help function and well supported. Very professional job for free software. Thanks very much. Will definitely buy a license if my business grows."08/12/11
"This has made my life so much easier."06/12/11
"easy to use, very helpful tuition video"05/12/11
"Very easy to use, great self service support and good value for money!"03/12/11
"Good Job !"02/12/11
"So far the result is excellent"30/11/11
"Excellent product - good value and comprehensive.Well done!"29/11/11
"I love your software, it is informative and easy to use."26/11/11
"looks good"25/11/11
"very easdy to use, will probably buy licence too"15/11/11
"New to payroll software but find this very easy to use"14/11/11
"Great little package. Head and shoulders above HMRC Basic PAYE Tools. Will recommend to other businesses."10/11/11
"I am finding the payroll software very easy to use"05/11/11
"Very helpful"04/11/11
"Great piece of software and quite idiotproof! Does what it says on the tin! Well done 12Pay - Have just purchased premium for the 2nd year."04/11/11
"I was so impressed with how helpful your support was I have recommended the product to several friends.Caroline"02/11/11
"easy to use great"26/10/11
"very easy to use"25/10/11
"As a new small business I found the monthly payroll for my 1 employee quite hard work but the 12Pay payroll software has really helped and made monthly payroll a much smoother process & I can keep up to date records for review."17/10/11
"A good payroll programme. After testing a few this was by far the easiest to use."16/10/11
"Very useful and easy to use for our charity"14/10/11
"Excellent value for money. I have used big name companies in the past and they were not as good as 12Pay"12/10/11
"Easy to use system."06/10/11
"make your life easyuse 12pay payroll softwarehow easy and fantistic is this software"02/10/11
"Perfect for very small employers. We have to do a payroll for only 2 people and everything is free."30/09/11
"new user will comment later"29/09/11
"I have used 12Payroll software for the last 5 months and have been very happy I am strongly considering purchasing the premium licence. it is very user friendly."26/09/11
"Without doubt the best payroll software I have come across. Does everything you need and more and is easy to use after only a little practice. The help desk is also very very good whenever you have a complicated query. From, Oklahoma Cafe (Manchester)"25/09/11
"Superb payroll software and easy to use"16/09/11
"It does what it says on the tin and more!"15/09/11
"I am unable to fault this product.I have on worries about recommending this to small business users."12/09/11
"A big Thanks to Ken for his kind help today. I messed up a P45 & he helped sort me out. 12pay is more than value for money. I will be recommending it to my business network group every chance I get. Chris"09/09/11
"I have found 12Pay payroll the easiest by far. It is simple and accurate, I wouldn't use any other now."06/09/11
"Seems to work well so far"05/09/11
"we have found this programme meets with our requirements as promised"04/09/11
"Brilliant package, highly recommended"30/08/11
"We have just purchased another annual licence with 12Pay. We are so pleased with the software and the friendly helpful service we receive when we have to call them (which isnt very often as 12Pay is very user friendly). I cannot see us using any other payroll provider ever again !Beverley Flanagan.Director.Flex Accounting Services Ltd."27/08/11
"Extremely good value for the price."23/08/11
"Simple to use with very clear reports."22/08/11
"Like the idea of not having to buy sepcial stationery."21/08/11
"Easy to use and great value!"18/08/11
"This software is fantastic. It is easy to use, keeps itself in step with the HMRC updates and frankly puts paid, expensive alternatives to shame."13/08/11
"Excellent Soft ware"10/08/11
"quick and easy to use"10/08/11
"The videos are amazingly clear and helpful"08/08/11
"It works better & costs less than our previous software so LD LTD are pleased to renew our 12Pay licence"05/08/11
"Seems to work for me - only one employee"05/08/11
"nice and easy"04/08/11
"Very Handy"03/08/11
"Very easy to use. Needed support on a couple of occasions and there was no problem getting through - no automated response or queues like other software companies! The support guys were excellent in answering my questions. - Denise Davies, Harrogate Bookkeeping Services"02/08/11
"I have only just started using payroll software and the video was very helpful in getting started. Very friendly and so helpful. Thanks"02/08/11
"I found it very easy and helpful"01/08/11
"Excellent product"30/07/11
"The free version is very useful, thank you."30/07/11
"So far, so good!! Simple and easy to use and you even get support."29/07/11
"I am completely new to payroll and 12Pay is simple and easy to use."27/07/11
"Looking good"25/07/11
"For a small business like mine 12Pay payroll software has everything I need and no more worries"23/07/11
"We like the software so much, we are changing our business direction and taking on payroll for other people!"22/07/11
"Great software. Easy to use. Just the job at a great price. www.dartmoorprintsandgifts.co.uk"21/07/11
"USED WITH EASE"20/07/11
"This is great payroll software it's so user friendly"20/07/11
"Just started to use 12Pay very easy & simple to use, instructions very clear. Will definately recommend this product."20/07/11
"v good"19/07/11
"Excellent payroll software very east to use"17/07/11
"Great System."09/07/11
"Just testing but looks an excellent product"04/07/11
"Excellent communication. Thanks"03/07/11
"excelllent software,very easy to use,makes life very easy,"23/06/11
"Very easy to use software for a complete novice."21/06/11
"A really neat little piece of software that just works and does everything well. I'm running a very small payroll (varies between 1 and 3 employees) and even on this scale it is worth it for just making life easier."20/06/11
"Tried the software for 3 weeks, and it is easy to use. £65 well spent, better than iris by far and at the smaller price."20/06/11
"What an excellent package. Easy to use and great value for money."16/06/11
"I have just learnt how to use 12pay watched the videos so easy and have now got a premium licence."08/06/11
"i like 12 pay payroll software"08/06/11
"Once mastered, 12Pay is a brilliant system."07/06/11
"Only started using this software this week (moved from Sage payroll!) and so far it has been very easy and straigt forward and the support line is very good in resolving any queries I had. Very pleased - give it a go."07/06/11
"To the uninitiated like me, it is the equivalent of the golden ticket.Thank you so much for demystifying the entirety of the process."04/06/11
"It is really easy to work"31/05/11
"Excellent product, 1st Class support if any problems arise. Would definitely recommend."29/05/11
"I have only just downloaded this to run a very small payroll for a client, and it appears to be very straight forward and ideal for my requirements."26/05/11
"Great software the puts the more established software companies to shame."26/05/11
"An excellent payroll package, easy to set up and easy to operate. Would recommend to any small business user"23/05/11
"great product"20/05/11
"12Payroll software is very straightforward to use, I only wish that I had discovered it last year !Janice Dewdney, Director, Best Practice Childcare Ltd T/A Magic Rocket Day Nursery"20/05/11
"The program is very easy to use and I am sure after a bit further testing we will probably upgrade, except we only have one employee. It may not be necessary but it is an exceptionally good price."20/05/11
"Fabulous website, took me a while to work out how to use it properly but once "sussed" it's great 2 clicks and payroll is completed. Thank you for providing such an easy and accessible service. :)"20/05/11
"Excellent software and exceptionally good response to any queries.Bob Appleby"19/05/11
"First time user of a payroll software, it is very good, the support is good and clear.Saves loads and loads of time.Param"18/05/11
"Very useful software, I would recommend it to many. Kudos to all. Rona Balu"18/05/11
"Easy to use with superb help - unlike a market leader I used for far too many years! Much cheaper too. Elizabeth Clarke, Carstins Ltd"16/05/11
"Easy to use for business start-up"12/05/11
"Very simple, easy to use software with a good, quick response if any assistance is required from their customer service team. My second year now! :-)"11/05/11
"How FAB and easy to use - and I have no experience doing payroll!"07/05/11
"Used this software two years ago, switched to Sage last year.....What a mistake!!!!! cost me a fortune, so here I am back to Pay12 this year. FOR ANYONE NEW TO PAYROLL THIS IS THE WAY TO GO...ALL THE FANCY PACKAGES ARE JUST THAT....FOR EASY TO USE AND COST EFFECTIVE PAYROLL SOFTWARE USE PAY12"07/05/11
"I find 12Pay payroll software very useful for my, as yet, very small bookeeping business and like the fact that it can grow with my business"06/05/11
"It saves time and money, easy to use and outstanding support too."06/05/11
"Easy to use and good back up."04/05/11
"FAO TomHi Tom - its Georgina! Just a quick note to thank you for your patience end of year submitted can't believe how easy it is - when you know how!!"03/05/11
"Excellent easy to use software. Much easier than HMRC's software and stands alongside the most popular payroll year end software"03/05/11
"look forward to using 12pay great so far"02/05/11
"Neat piece of software"28/04/11
"I find it user friendly and better than Sage"25/04/11
"Excellent value for money."21/04/11
"Very good software with excellent support videos. As a brand new small company just starting up with one employee, this is exactly what I need! UK Elite Print!"20/04/11
"I have been using your payroll since 2008, I have called for advice on a couple of occasions each time your advice has solved my query very quilckly & efficiently. Excellent service and your produvt very good value. Thanks. Wendy Bilcliffe"20/04/11
"Have used 12Pay for last 5 weeks. Just got new office and PC, will be downloading software to new PC and buying premium licence tomorrow - this is saving me SOOOOO much time - now taking me 5 minutes to do my payroll from start to finish instead of two hours - and I'm NOT exaggerating. Thanks!"19/04/11
"I have just purchased 12Pay after trialling it for a couple of weeks and have found it easy to use and quite comprehensive. I would recommend it for multi company businesses"19/04/11
"Payroll Software very easy and quick to use."19/04/11
"Very user friendly, we only have 1 employee so this is ideal for us"18/04/11
"Very easy to set up, great UK located helpline"16/04/11
"Excellent product"14/04/11
"Just joined, seems to be excellent product after struggle with HMRC CD!"14/04/11
"Yes I have found it very easy to use"14/04/11
"Fantastic software, especially for a small company."13/04/11
"I have not used payroll software before, and therefore not sure what to expect, but 12Pay made the whole process so easy, most of the time spent was setting up each employees details (19 in total) but after that doing the weekly wage was so easy and quick, and being able to print payslips is great.I am currently using the free version but am considering upgrading to premium version soon.I highly recommend this software to anyone, as the help provided both within the software and online is excellent should you need it."08/04/11
"Have been using this software for three years and its fabulous. Easy to use and friendly service....Recommend!"07/04/11
"Excellent product - makes life a lot easier."07/04/11
"I am extremely happy to find this easy software as I have no experience on computer work of wages etc but can get it done with this 12Pay. Thanks a lot"07/04/11
"Very useful tool for payroll. Helpful support team. Would recommend to anyone."06/04/11
"We have changed over to 12Pay because it appears to be just as good as the Payroll system we were using previously and much cheaper. Also, the emails reponse to a query was both fast and informative."06/04/11
"Having worked for a payroll bureau agency until about 2 years ago, and having tried various programmes, I had been a keen admirer of SAGE. However, with price increases of late, I serached the web for an alternative for my Sports Club. Having found 12Pay, I am very pleased with both the speed of the programme calculations and displays and even more impressed with the value for money which comes with your package compared with some more expensive competitors.Chas Came - Honorary Treasurer - Laverstock & Ford Sports Club"05/04/11
"I run a Payroll Bureau and have recently changed to using 12Pay for my clients. The software is easy to use and the support is excellent."05/04/11
"Excellent value for money"04/04/11
"The 12Pay payroll software is brilliant. It is easy to use, intuitive and knocks the socks off other big name payroll packages I have tried."03/04/11
"Apart from using 12Pay for my payroll bureau purposes, I also recommend 12Pay to any of my clients who would like to process their own payroll."03/04/11
"Well being new to end of year I thought I better start it early. So mug of tea in hand I open 12pay updated it that was easy then printed all forms P11s & P35 done. Now submit it to HMRC tick boxes read everything click Wow done that was easy. P60s now forms needed great that looks good. I now have a leaver as well so enter date yes want to do this click submit yes I want to do that print again no forms need great done. Check emails yes all been submitted finished end of year done believe it and I still have my tea didn't need a second one (and I drink let's of tea). That was so easy I have recommend your software anyway for doing wages as it is so easy but now for end of year you get 10 out 10 thanks so making my life so trouble freeregardsPaul"03/04/11
"Love 12Pay. Suffered with Sage for years until my accountant recommended 12Pay. It works, it's simple to use and payroll takes minutes. Thank you!!"02/04/11
"I have only downloaded the 12Pay today but very impressed with the ease of use so far"01/04/11
"Very useful"31/03/11
"Great job, thanks!!"31/03/11
"For a small business, to give you peace of mind, i have never found any software this usefull. Its a must have if you want to grow your business. kofi"29/03/11
"I've been using this software for 9 months now and am kicking myself for not getting it earlier. It is excellent value and an excellent product. The support is 5 star too."28/03/11
"very good"22/03/11
"thanks great help from online tutorial"22/03/11
"Downloaded software this morning and have run 4 back months in parallel with no problems so far. Straightforward to use."21/03/11
"very easy and user friendly, thank you!!!"18/03/11
"Great Software! Easy to use! Save money run your own payrole with 12pay! I'm a small business and having employees was new, more frightning was how to pay them in the correct manner and making sure HMRC were happy, after trying other complicated methods 12pay is now the only way for me! I have also needed some help so called the help line, hey presto problem sorted, thanks 12Pay i'll be using you for the third year!"15/03/11
"this has been grate software and any back up that I have required has has been very good"14/03/11
"So simple even i can use it!"13/03/11
"i found it extremely easy to use and quit self explainatory. thankyou"09/03/11
"As a first time employer and user of such software i find it quite easy to use and look back if i dont understand things easily"07/03/11
"very good"04/03/11
"Very easy to use and clear explanations in all help screens. Great software for start-ups"28/02/11
"The payroll has been useful to us and easy to use unlike other payrolls"27/02/11
"12Pay payroll software seems simpler than others that I have tried to use"21/02/11
"very easy to use"19/02/11
"We are a charity organisation with about 27 employees. I have run this payroll in parallel with my old (HMRC) system and it worked fine first time with one error only, and that was my own input error. It is very easy to use and we are now upgrading for the new accounting year.16/2/2011WQe are renewing our licence for a further three years because the software has proved itself to be reliable and accurate for the past two years. We have not used support very much because of the efficiency of the software but a call or e-mail to the team receives immediate respose - well done."17/02/11
"This is the best I have found or used by far!"15/02/11
"I have been running your software in parallel with my old one to test the functionality, and I have been so pleased with your software that I have now purchased a full license."12/02/11
"Most versatile payroll tool"11/02/11
"Enjoyed using the product. Very user friendly. Support was excellent."08/02/11
"Great, clear instruction's on video, easy to use."05/02/11
"The software came highly recommended and being a local company made it even better."04/02/11
"Easy to use, takes the pain pout of payroll"02/02/11
"I like this software and am trialling it. I shall review in 3 months and may wish to upgrade at a later date."02/02/11
"12pay is great to use so easy I'm running my own little company now thanks to the software."01/02/11
"very reliable and so easy to use"31/01/11
"i like very much what i have seen with the free version ... i will likley move to the paid version"29/01/11
"very good"24/01/11
"THIS SITE AS BEEN REALLY HELPFUL and Payroll 12 is so very easy to use especially for first timers Thank you"20/01/11
"I am delighted to have found 12pay. The software is wonderful and the patient support even more wonderful"13/01/11
"Simple to use even for simple people like me !!"12/01/11
"simply to use good for people who are not computer minded thanks spicy delight whitchurch"11/01/11
"Just great."07/01/11
"Good simple system with very good technical support"07/01/11
"It is really easy to use"05/01/11
"Excellent software. Very easy to use. Perfect for my starting company. Thanks 12Pay."29/12/10
"looks good...just starting...will update"24/12/10
"I love this software. As a volunteer that does payroll for several charities it saves me time and gives me peace of mind."23/12/10
"Excellent an deasy to use package , thank you"22/12/10
"Great System easy to use"21/12/10
"12pay is perfect for the small employer"20/12/10
"Have no payroll experience whatsoever, but found the software very easy to use, particularly with the help of the videos. Also received an extremely helpful response to an intitial enquiry. Truly outstanding in every respect."18/12/10
"This software is easy to use, I am happy with the purchase of this product."01/12/10
"Very simple to use software"27/11/10
"12pay software is fantastic. I've used many of the big names, Sage, Iris, Keytime, but they have nothing on 12pay, which is by far the most user friendly.Tim CharlesCharles Accountancy"25/11/10
"it's fantastic. never done payroll before and now, find it easy wiith 12pay.. great. thanks"18/11/10
"I really like 12Pay. It's very user friendly,seems to cope with everything produces professional looking reports and is good value for money."12/11/10
"A really great software, with really great instant after sales technical support. With the Bureau and CIS option we are saving so much time. Well worth the money. Thanks to all at 12Pay."11/11/10
"Good product easy to use"04/11/10
"I find the software very easy to use and understand wish i had heard of it before"02/11/10
"Thank goodness for 12PAY. Such an easy payroll system and even the people at the end of the phone are helpful. I have never used a payroll system before and will not change as I am very happy with the one I've got!"28/10/10
"Very easy to get started"27/10/10
"Very good piece of software particularly for low numbers of employees"27/10/10
"I only have one employee so it is ideal for me"26/10/10
"Simple and quick to setup and use. Good reporting."25/10/10
"A simple and easy to use piece of software - fabulous to get this sort of thing free for a small company to use."25/10/10
"This is how all software should be. So easy and intuitive but covers all the requirements from a good payroll system."07/10/10
"Very straightforward Software - and no tax demands for underpayment! Thanks."03/10/10
"This seems so much easier than the HMRC site."03/10/10
"Excellent package for novice, back up service marvelous really helpfull that was when I had it on free download, it therfore give confidence to purchase well worth money"01/10/10
"Great software, even for a dummy like me. 12 pay are always very helpful too!"24/09/10
"Only used for two weeks but appears good"23/09/10
"Great to find easy to use software for small businesses like ours. We only have 2 employees and this fits the bill perfectly!Autokolor Bodyshop"23/09/10
"nice program easy to use"21/09/10
"Hi I like this program, it is good for small employers.Tom is very helpful thank you"20/09/10
"Quick and easy to get started. Surprised and delighted by how much functionality you get for free. Although I've outsourced my payroll, this is really handy for making sure I ask my accountant the right questions."17/09/10
"great software! Thank you!"16/09/10
"The software is easy to use and fantastic for our small charity."11/09/10
"Excellent would definatly recomend to everyone.. A*"10/09/10
"Absolutely brilliant"09/09/10
"Great software!"07/09/10
"I am only using it for printing 2 employee payslips per month. For this it seems excellent. Thank you"29/08/10
"Very Good. Easy to use. Payslips for all employees at a touch of a button. Fantastic."24/08/10
"We only have a few employees, but this is easy to use and plenty of helpful guidance"24/08/10
"Brilliant, it makes doing payroll, tax returns etc a breeze!"23/08/10
"Excellent simple to use payroll. Best I've used in the last ten years."18/08/10
"we are a new company and have taken on our first employee 12pay software is easy to use and great help to us."16/08/10
"After trying HMC software this is just great, well done for making things easy. I dont know why software designers have to make things so complicated it just isn't necessary. Keep up the good work."11/08/10
"good for new business"03/08/10
"Have been using for a fortnight - so far so good"01/08/10
"Great software, easy to use"30/07/10
"I found the 12pay easy to navagate around."30/07/10
"I Just need a simple pay slip generator, this appears to do the trick. Not sure on the premium packages though, trying before buying if you know what I mean. After all I am a Yorkshire man."27/07/10
"Would just like to say a big thank you for being there. My very fist employee, my very first payroll didn't have a clue where to start and you made things so much easier."25/07/10
"I have just purchased this programme. It is inexpensive and very user friendy."25/07/10
"so far so good!"22/07/10
"We are a fairly new payroll bureau and this software has helped us tremendously. The support we receive is excellent too, they always reply within 10 minutes. Thanks guys (Pemberton Payroll Bureau)"22/07/10
"I would definitely recommend 12p to anyone. It is easy and quick ro run and if I have a problem your staff are quick to respond with the correct answer. Brilliant!"21/07/10
"I have been using this software for the past 3 months and I find it very easy to navigate in comparison to the HMRC CD ROM. Also, the payslips are completed for you in no time where as it took me ages to do this manually.Very pleased with this software and will recommend to others."21/07/10
"Very clear and concise instructions provided"17/07/10
"very easy to use for small employers"13/07/10
"excellant product so user friendly better than sage!!!"12/07/10
"Easy to use, good payroll software. It provides value for money."07/07/10
"Absolutely love the free software - so simple and ideal for a not for profit organisation with only a couple of employees.I'm spreading the word.Sage convert!"07/07/10
"Quick and simple to use"05/07/10
"many thanks"04/07/10
"First impressions are excellent"02/07/10
"One of the most useful tools for a business of any size. A clear, consise and practical application which is user friendly and I would highly recommend it to anyone."26/06/10
"excellent product,fast support,"22/06/10
"Excellent software for my business"11/06/10
"we love 12 pay software, its the best payroll we have found, its so easy to use and will continue to reccommend it."11/06/10
"Very helpful software, especially with a small business like myself with only one employee, I know it will work with me as my business expands and grows. Thanks"11/06/10
"What i have seen of it so far i believe it is the best product i've seen for payroll."10/06/10
"Brilliant for anybody starting out."10/06/10
"Your system looks very easy to use and the payslips are brilliant."09/06/10
"Thank you for making payroll so easy."09/06/10
"great software"08/06/10
"very easy to use, great piece of kit"07/06/10
"Brilliant piece of software."06/06/10
"I am just starting to use the software and it seems to be user friendly so far."01/06/10
"Hi Team, I am very impressed with 12Pay software at the moment. I intend to get the Premium version once I am up and running and know how to use the software effectively."28/05/10
"I will use the software as it seems to be a complete package"28/05/10
"Excellent software for a new SME just starting up.J. N. Gillan (The Digital Network)"26/05/10
"I was going to use payroll site until stumbled upon your product. It is much easier to follow.Thank You."22/05/10
"So easy to use .. thank you you have made this task easy as 123.."21/05/10
"Easy to use"20/05/10
"Very simple process so far, thanks!"18/05/10
"My first impressions are very good. Extremely simple to use, with clear instructions. Thankyou."17/05/10
"Your Software and service is second to none. I have used Sage Software in the past but no more!"17/05/10
"I like this programme. It qiute easy to use."14/05/10
"excellent software and easy to use"12/05/10
"Very easy and quick to use and the price does not break the bank for a voluntary sector organisation"07/05/10
"QUITE GOOD"06/05/10
"So far so good - better than any other I've used"05/05/10
"I downloaded the free version and used it for 4 weeks. So easy to use that I`ve purchased the Premium Package. Would recommend this to any employer."04/05/10
"I have just started using the payroll package and it seems fine"03/05/10
"simple and quick to us. Great"29/04/10
"Very Good so far"28/04/10
"good software"27/04/10
"It is a very useful service, very grateful. M Golden, Kids at Paly After School Club"27/04/10
"Came across this payroll software by accident and it is very good. I have used different software over the years and was pleased at how easy this is to operate. well done 12 pay."26/04/10
"Excellent Software.Very Easy to use and also user-friendly.Ismed Moosafur-IDA Max Logistics Ltd- Corby"24/04/10
"straight forward uncomplicated system"20/04/10
"12pay is perfect Userfriendly payroll software"17/04/10
"I used 12Pay last year for the first time, it is so easy to use, well done and THANK YOU from a stress free customer"14/04/10
"Great software - easy to use and virtually foolproof. Just completed a year-end with no hitches at all."13/04/10
"Very good so impressed"13/04/10
"Great software."10/04/10
"Recently switched from Sage. Very pleased at the ease of use and comprehensive set up information."08/04/10
"as a first time user i am finding this problem very straight forward."07/04/10
"I am just setting this up. Always vary with new systems but this is great, easy and simple to use. J S Engineering (SW) Ltd"05/04/10
"Easy to use and functionally rich"02/04/10
"What a great idea for small companies who are starting out. Its truly incredible"01/04/10
"We have used it for a year now with no problems. Very simple to use. Excellent helpdesk during the setting up stage."01/04/10
"I have used Sage in the past but 12Pay is as good if not much better and very reasonably priced. Thank you"31/03/10
"I have been using analternative payroll package for years and I find 12pay easier and more intuitive."25/03/10
"I've used 12Pay for several years now and it's never let me down. Most beneficial to me is the support available from the webset or direct from the author."24/03/10
"as a small company this does everything we want"22/03/10
"Have been using this software since september 2009 and found it extremely easy to use."20/03/10
"Easy to use. Very helpful in terms of problems.Matches all PAYE forms and calculations."18/03/10
"Great payroll software, very easy to use. Been using it for over two years now and very happy."18/03/10
"Quite possibly the best single bit of small business software I have ever used and most definately worth paying for the Premium Licence."17/03/10
"Excellent software clearly written by people who really understand how a payroll system needs to work."16/03/10
"Used it for a year for my own single person Company, its a dream to use!"15/03/10
"Always very impressed with your service and software - a must for any company needing a cost effective method for doing their payroll."15/03/10
"As a small business seeking an easy to use payroll product, 12Pay fits the bill perfectly."15/03/10
"12Pay should be a market leader for small businesses, it is very affordable, user friendly and to coin a phrase, 'does what it says on the tin'. A great product.Sue Black, Payroll & Bookkeeping, Birmingham."15/03/10
"Very easy to use and it's free"08/03/10
"very simple to use and free!"04/03/10
"Good package"22/02/10
"Very easy to set up"21/02/10
"Great service and easy to use, it has really helped my company."17/02/10
"fantastic for free"14/02/10
"Excellent, like it."12/02/10
"I have tried the free trial and thought this product to be excellent. Easy to use. Thankyou"10/02/10
"Very Good Service"08/02/10
"Thanks for a quick and convient tool to pay someone on an adhoc basis"05/02/10
"Best Software"02/02/10
"Very good and easy to use. Thanks"28/01/10
"For an employer with just 1 employee, 12Pay have saved me time effort and money with this fantastic Payroll system. Thank you so very much."27/01/10
"Very easy to use, helped me to understand the information produced by HMRC software"27/01/10
"This is first time i have used any payroll software just going into business even i can use it with no experiance at all"22/01/10
"I love and trust this software! It's seen me through my first year as a self-employed bookkeeper/payroller with no tears...and submitting year end online was a breeze. So much better than IRIS PAYE Master. Thank you so much for making it!Holly"22/01/10
"Great tp have such software available free to use for as long as you need - it does everything I need thanks!"19/01/10
"Fantastic software, I will definitely be upgrading."17/01/10
"Simple and easy to use software. Great for only 1 employee to get me started. Dave"30/12/09
"Great system, very user friendly and versatile,"23/12/09
"So far I have found this extremely easy to use"22/12/09
"We are a small new company muddling our way through the year. Thanks to 12Pay we have a payroll system in place for our three members of staff. This is a great product, it is easy to use, it works and it is free. I am sure that we will upgrade to a licensed version once we have grown a little and figure out what we need."09/12/09
"Service is top draw stuff, had problem migrating Microsoft Payroll to 12Pay, our copy of MOA (Payroll) had not been updated to include the new HMRC UAP figures, despite using the paid service for some 18 months and have automatic updates. Support at 12Pay excellent, they emailed back the corrections needed within the hour. Based on that sort of service we purchased a two year license."07/12/09
"Very good piece of software does everything I need"06/12/09
"As a new business I did not know which payroll system to use, there are so many out there. I chose this one and its the best and simplest one out there. As a new comer to the payroll world it helps you do everything including year end. There is a great help line number and great simple explanations on how to do it all! Excellent and highly recommended by me."04/12/09
"Very easy to use"02/12/09
"Looks good, so far, but still unsure if I can have both monthly and weekly paid employees for one employer. Yes, you can. You can have any number of payrolls in each employer, and each payroll can be weekly, monthly, 2 weekly, or 4 weekly"02/12/09
"Very good and straight forward to use"30/11/09
"Great product."30/11/09
"Excellant software and good support"27/11/09
"Very easy to use and get up and running."24/11/09
"I love this payroll software! So easy and intuitive to use, fantastic value, far superior to much more expensive and complex products - very, very pleased I made the switch!"23/11/09
"Very Good many thanks"15/11/09
"very nice"03/11/09
"I have never been involved in payroll duties before and have found the simplicity and ease to use this software amazing"01/11/09
"Very Impressed"31/10/09
"Very happy with 12pay so far. thank you"28/10/09
"extremely easy, clear & concise software to use -thank you!"27/10/09
"Very good and easy to use. The movie was especially useful for first time users."24/10/09
"I have found the software really easy to use. Having only one employee its perfect"19/10/09
"It is helpful and easy to use."19/10/09
"Excellent, compared to the HMRC software it is a doddle. I would definitely recommend this software. David Crayton, Highlands."16/10/09
"Very excited about a simply system that does what it says on the box!"16/10/09
"This piece of software works perfectly, I have been using it since the start of June for my payroll and every week I find another feature that is helpful to me. The reporting features are brilliant and the speed in which it takes me to do the payroll is getting quicker each week."12/10/09
"This is a very easy to understand programme. Plus accurate TAX, NI, SSP, SMP, SPP deductions."11/10/09
"12Pay is straightforward, sensible and easy to use. What more could anyone want?"11/10/09
"Easy to use. Good support."07/10/09
"This is an excellent product and easy for useless people like me!"06/10/09
"It appears Great!"05/10/09
"Hi,I think this software is great as a free download. We only have 1 employee at the moment, but as soon as we take on more, I will be purchasing the full version. Keep up the good work guys."28/09/09
"Outstanding! My first time ever using any payroll software. Glad I clicked on to your website first! Well done"28/09/09
"I have used 12Pay for the last 5 months and found it to be very easy to follow and use. I have had no problems and I can run reports that give me all the information I require."27/09/09
"Glad I found you! ... previous payroll software supplier keeps ramping the software cost and subscription fees..."22/09/09
"great stuff very clever and user friendly....thanx"09/09/09
"it`s really esasy to navigate, thanks a lot,Aneta"08/09/09
"I can not believe how easy it is to use 12Pay payroll software. Thanks a lot for giving me this confidence to use a payroll."05/09/09
"To be able to try it free of charge as long as I like is marvellous"04/09/09
"Better than Sage."28/08/09
"I am very pleased with the software having tried it for only a short time and think it will be ideal when I get to know the system more fully. Tony Brown"27/08/09
"Just want to congratulate you on your great product. I have just received an invoice from our accountant for their payroll services for the past 6 months and suffice to say, their cost prompted me to find an easy and cost effective way to do the payroll for our companies. After searching the internet, I found your product and tried it last night. Even though I was getting a payslip saying that there was no tax to pay for 1 employee (and thought this was incorrect), I checked on the HMRC Payroll CD rom calculator, and it showed that tax was in fact due. Went back to your software, read some of your FAQ’s and found the solution – the result was, figures that matched the HMRC calculations. I was sold – it was so easy!"25/08/09
"Customer Service is excellent. Fast response. The product is easy to understand and value for money. Thanks 12pay. Zoe"24/08/09
"Easy and intuitive to use"21/08/09
"I have found the software relativly easy to use and am at the present time using it alongide the HMRC Employers CD. I will probably buy the premium edition after 12 months or whe I take on more employees."19/08/09
"12Pay is brilliant. I shall be purchasing the Bureau version soon"18/08/09
"I have used other payroll software but this 12pay is by far the best and very easy to understand and use. Thanks"15/08/09
"Excellent service"15/08/09
"This is good software. Idiot proof"13/08/09
"I've only just started with it but seem to be finding my round it ok"10/08/09
"Great simple solution"06/08/09
"I found the payroll soft ware fantastic, very easy to use, and i just decided to register for it. It was just like that."05/08/09
"Easy and to the point"02/08/09
"We needed to try something else as Sage Payroll was becoming too expensive. So far this seems to fit the bill"28/07/09
"An excellent package and 1st rate support service"27/07/09
"Trial software is impressive. Still some investigation (reprint of previous period reports, etc.) before I decide if it will work for me. (You can reprint previous period reports at any time, simply by altering the period number in the small form that appears when you request one)"27/07/09
"Very good software for a first time user."26/07/09
"Very good and simple system"22/07/09
"Preparing to pay myself (for the first time)later on in the year, and this looks like just what I'm after."21/07/09
"This is an excellent and easy to use payroll software"20/07/09
"Very easy to use and informative monthly report."20/07/09
"Works a treat, easy to use, idiot proof"16/07/09
"I am still only using the basics, but I cannot beleive how reliable and such good value it is. Well done."13/07/09
"Have been running alongside Sage for 4 weeks amd it seems great. And for a fraction of the cost! Thank you 12pay!"09/07/09
"VERY GOOD."07/07/09
"Good software"03/07/09
"Excellent payroll software that allows your entire pay to be completed with a few clicks, this includes end of year procedure which provides 'double the amount' what the year cost of this articular softwareSalop Car Breakers Ltd"01/07/09
"Just registered and logged on - first impressions very good."27/06/09
"12pay software was very easy to install and user friendly"26/06/09
"Very easy to use"26/06/09
"Used 12Pay to replace Quickbooks payroll due to the huge increase in price from £100 PA to £20 + VAT per month!12Pay worked perfectly!"25/06/09
"Great product for the small business"21/06/09
"Fantastic software that made our life a lot easier"18/06/09
"Looks good."16/06/09
"'Does what it says on the box' - refreshing to find a program which doesn't try to use any available resource on my computer for no identifiable reason. Perfect product! Perfect price!"15/06/09
"Nice and easy to use, with good support"06/06/09
"Very good"05/06/09
"Very good service a great help to a small company. Thank you."04/06/09
"Great software! This is a MUST for any new small business enterprise! Easy-to-use and well-structured. The support pages are excellent!"29/05/09
"12Pay payroll is an excellent, free package and is ideal for small social enterprises! Very clear and comprehensive instructions enable a person new to payroll to make a confident start with their payroll accounting."26/05/09
"The 12 Payroll Software is easy to use and it has all the facilities which we need. Thanks Raj ( M J Harvey & Co Chartered Accounts)"26/05/09
"After 7 payrolls I am very happy with the software. Watford Railway Club"25/05/09
"Fantastic service. Love it"24/05/09
"Fab and easy to use--thanks so much"22/05/09
"Seems very well put together program - Thank you"20/05/09
"I found the free download really easy to use that is why I upgraded for 2 years thank you"20/05/09
"seems very easy to use, prints outs very clear"20/05/09
"I felt I had to email you after phoning you with a query and seeing just how excellent your product and service is. We've been using 12pay for a couple of years now and I phoned because we're taking on another member of staff but they haven't worked for a number of years. The gentleman I spoke to explained exactly how I should do it, I've now printed the P46 for the employee to fill in and it all goes together superbly.So, please pass on my grateful thanks to whoever I spoke to and whoever develops the software."20/05/09
"It is very useful and easy to use."16/05/09
"This is a fantastic product. I was paying a fortune for payroll services although I only have two employees. Really easy to use even for the inexperienced."13/05/09
"Being a small Company we found that Sage was becoming too expensive for our requirements. After trying 12Pay software we have now adopted this as it suits us perfectly!"12/05/09
"Only just to started to use 12pay it seems to be very good especially for a beginner"11/05/09
"it has been a lifesaver, have bought premium version to save a weekend reentering info onto HMRC disk to enable me to file annual return on line . Thankyou."09/05/09
"After evaluating for Month 1, I have realised that this is going to save me a whole lot of time. I'm looking forward to sending the end of year returns which were very long and time consuming previously."06/05/09
"Very good so far-nice and friendly."02/05/09
"GREAT HELP"01/05/09
"brilliant. finally found easy to use payroll that does what it should !"30/04/09
"Really pleased with the ease of use"28/04/09
"I have used this payroll system now for over a year and downloading the annual return has never been easier. Have used other payroll systems like Sage and always had problems."28/04/09
"I have been using 12 pay for over a year now, its very simple to use and the year end was so easy it was scary."26/04/09
"Upto a month ago I have had wage slips given to me, now I have to issue them. This system is very user friendly and well worth the premium. Hard work made easy. Thankyou 12 pay"24/04/09
"I've only just downloaded it and tried it out, and it seems straightforward and effective (that's the kind of software I like!). I was particularly impressed by the introductory video - it was very clear and comprehensive."23/04/09
"Have used for a fortnight now.Very impressed.I find it easier to use than sage."19/04/09
"Extremely easy to use and very user friendly."16/04/09
"Have only recently downloaded to browse but being impressed both with the software and the support help received, we have purchased a Premium Licence straight away.Much more comprehensive and easier to use than the "new" update on our last software."14/04/09
"First timer on 12pay, looks good and seems really easy to use - so far! I am very impressed."12/04/09
"Very comprehensive software.Compared with paying someone £200 a quarter to do my payroll for me 12Pay gives me control and saves the business money.."12/04/09
"I have found your software invaluable, My husband and I are just starting with our new business and didn't have a clue how to go about registering names or payroll set up.Thank you. RAYANN SECURITY. Ann Lewis."11/04/09
"Keep up the good work ... payroll has never been so easy!"09/04/09
"We have used this on the free trial service for a year and it has been excellent, the support provided is unlimited and strong. Highly recommend."08/04/09
"Very useful tool"06/04/09
"Just got the Bureau and so far so good. Easier to use and much better value than our friends at sage."04/04/09
"Easy to use, whenever I have requested help via email the response is normally within the hour. Fantastic software fantastic service"02/04/09
"Needed a simple but comprehensive solution. Great job - Thank You. Will recommend you to others and when company grows upgrade immediately."28/03/09
"we think this service is excellent"26/03/09
"Absolutely brilliant software, easy to use and if you do struggle with parts of the software, the support you get is second to none. great again this year."25/03/09
"Good Software"25/03/09
"12Pay is so easy to use, even my Mum who is computer phobic & has been doing the wages by hand for the last 15 years can do it, & she enjoyed it!"25/03/09
"Easy to use. Good value."23/03/09
"As a firm of accountants we not only use 12pay for the payrolls we run we also have no hesitation in recomending the software to our clients who run their own payroll. We are more than happy to pay the bureau licence fee next year. Very sound software and much more user friendly than you know who!!"20/03/09
"Excellent and easy to use software for a small business"18/03/09
"Excellent support with user friendly software.Great value for money."12/03/09
"So far it looks and feels extremely user friendly."11/03/09
"i have used the 12Pay software for 14 months free of charge and am very satisfied with the product so much so i have decide to purchase a licence"10/03/09
"I have nothing but praise for the 12Pay product and the Customer support, I believe, leaves the big name companies miles behind."09/03/09
"Currently use Sage, but vastly overpriced. This seems more than adequate for my needs, although I'm only learning at present. Love the pdf reporting. expect to buy license if I'm still as impressed when I finish getting to grips with it, and seeing how it works."08/03/09
"I have been using the software for nearly a year now and I am so impressed. I was a complete novice and thrown in the payroll deep end. This resulted in some fines from HMRC for late submissions. Now Payroll is so easy, this part of my job is a breeze because of this software. I would recommend it unreservedly to any business."06/03/09
"Been impressed with what we have seen to date and found 12Pay very helpful."05/03/09
"Quick and simple to learn and use, and does at least the minimum needed to produce a payroll and payslips, and more."26/02/09
"Almost idiot-proof"25/02/09
"found this very helpfull and easy to use"25/02/09
"Have been using for literally 30 minutes. So simple! As a charity with 1 employee this a godsend."24/02/09
"Easy to use and by todays standards good value ."23/02/09
"What a fanstaic service and peice of software. Very simple and friendly to use. we employ a nanny so this form of software is great and very helpful. We dont make use of all of the functions at the moment but sure we will in due course.thank you"23/02/09
"Excellent product. Easy to use and it works well!!"21/02/09
"Great, easy to use product"20/02/09
"Great System looking forward to all the time I will save."18/02/09
"Very easy to use but if you ever have a problem there is always help at the end of the telephone or via email."17/02/09
"At first glance, this software seems very good. We are a church with very few employees, so need to keep costs down, whilst also being able to rely on good support systems to ensure we pay people and the government the correct amounts due. This meets the bill very well and we are most grateful to be able to access it for free. Time will tell if we need to upgrade but for now it is brilliant"11/02/09
"It's a very user friendly software. Help over the phone is friendly and is commendable."08/02/09
"We are very pleased with this software. Easy to use and does all we need."06/02/09
"Really impressed. the training videos are invaluable! Well done 12Pay and thank you for providing such a great service"28/01/09
"I have employed someone for the first time and wanted to run my own payroll instead of a third party. I have found 12Pay Software both easy to use and informative. I have now paid my employee and printed off their payslip using 12Pay. I will be purchasing 12Pay without doubt and the fact that it is accredited by HMRC makes me feel confident using the sofware.I am using 12Pay in conjunction with my HMRC CD and Microsoft Office Accounting and feel confident I will save a fortune in Accounting costs compared to when I previously owned a small business.'Very Happy so far'!So Hairdressing - Bournemouth"25/01/09
"I have been using 12Pay payroll for another company now for 1 year and find it to be a great asset."22/01/09
"Very easy to understand and use."21/01/09
"Excellent tool saves money and time"16/01/09
"Good system and easy to use for a complete beginner"16/01/09
"Really like the 'easy-to-use' style of software!Many thanks for offering such a great product on a 'free-to-use' basis!Good luck...& keep sharing!"11/01/09
"Superb software. I have been using Sage for years, the cost savings in this software are enormous."11/01/09
"I'm very impressed with this service so far. It's seems to be just what I was looking for."07/01/09
"I must say when I first saw this I thought it was some sham scheme but I am pleasantly surprised what I saw when I sampled the software"30/12/08
"I am 100% happy with the 12Pay Payroll Sofware and also the speed with which any questions I ask get answered. Thanks!!"13/12/08
"Great Value for the money, I am going to use this for all the companies I do the wages for."13/12/08
"Intuitive software, great for very small companies like ours with only a couple of employees"04/12/08
"This software is absolutely magnificent. It is worth a lot more than the actual price. Pure brilliance."02/12/08
"I have only just started using this software however I love the simplicity."02/12/08
"Great, very easy to use."27/11/08
"It is free and easy to use"24/11/08
"12 Pay, very user friendly and so easy to use, and its free to start up."23/11/08
"Long term user of Sage - but it is becoming increasingly expensive to use for small companies in a bureau environment - well done 12 pay y0u have come to my financial rescue - your software makes payroll processing form small companies viable again"19/11/08
"I took a few days to evaluate it and then went Premium. I will be going live next week."18/11/08
"Can't believe something this good is free!"06/11/08
"Very easy to use and I really like your movie demo's"31/10/08
"Excelent product, very good customer service. User friendly software. Thank you."24/10/08
"Excellent for smallcompany with 5 employees"23/10/08
"As a qualified accountant trading as a limited company I have found the 12pay software invaluable in making the statutory returns and producing the company accounts."17/10/08
"Thank you very much for your honesty and i have already make up mind to buy your product, because i felt the trust , thank you."14/10/08
"Preparation of a payroll for 19 employees used to take over half a day a month. Now it takes less than half an hour. 12Pay had paid for itself by the second month as well as freeing up valuable time."03/10/08
"It is easy to use and just takes minutes to run a payroll. I like the automatic updates - I dont have to worry that the tax and NI is correct"02/10/08
"very good - easy to use especially when we are a new business and have never done anything like this before."29/09/08
"Hi, I'm a full time mum hiring a part time nanny. This is a very simple and straight forward software to use. thank you."29/09/08
"Brilliant, really helpful for me as treasure of after school club and I have no tax experience"26/09/08
"Very user friendly software"26/09/08
"I found you on google search, great site was worried about downloading incase of fraud. However, so glad I did it is easy to use and the help information gives you all you need to know. Thank you, so nice to see small businesses getting the support needed at no cost or very little if you require further facilities."25/09/08
"A good simple userfriendly software"25/09/08
"Excellent service for small enterprises and their staff"25/09/08
"Software very easy to use and accurate. Highly recommended"24/09/08
"Excellent product - recomended"21/09/08
"I wish I had found 12pay in the first I would have saved so much time and money."21/09/08
"This software is just what I needed and really easy to use"16/09/08
"Very easy to use uncomplicated"12/09/08
"I have been using the free version for a while now, and found it to be a great software package. Easy to understand and work through. I am now just off to buy the premium licence, as I think this software is the best I'v ever seen. Thanks 12pay, and keep up the good work; you're all doing a great job. Dianne."12/09/08
"It appears to do what it says. very impressive so far."11/09/08
"Excellent system and great service."01/09/08
"Easy to use for beginners"26/08/08
"I was dreading doing the payroll for our small association but this 12Pay made it easy."26/08/08
"This is an excellent piece of software - well done!"21/08/08
"The software is easy to use."20/08/08
"I find it really easy to use"16/08/08
"I think your software is very good. Thank you for the software. I will buy the premium edition."16/08/08
"Easy to use"14/08/08
"It is a a simple and easy to use system"12/08/08
"Having been in Payroll for more years than I care to acknowledge 12Pay is the most user friendly package in a long long time!!! AGK"07/08/08
"Found this somehow in a search, I've been looking for such a great simple solution to making payslips and I'm a novice at the whole payroll stuff. Found it quite easy once I got my head into it! Thanks."06/08/08
"Very user friendly and ideal for a small business"03/08/08
"Very user friendly, idiot proof."31/07/08
"I was new to payroll,and found it very easy to use and understand"25/07/08
"I like the program. It is very easy to use and is perfect for a small business."21/07/08
"good easy to follow instructions"17/07/08
"12 months ago I was a total novice when it came to running a small business and employing staff. I am so pleased that I decided to purchase 12-Pay - it has been worth every penny of the inexpensive license. I was worried that e-mail support might not work for me, but on the occasions when I needed "a chat" I have been called back VERY promptly. Thank you for an excellent program and great customer service."16/07/08
"I have used the 12Pay software to pay my Nanny. I've never been an employer before and the 12Pay software has helped me deal with pay, tax and National Insurance very easily. It really has been great -I can't believe it's free!"16/07/08
"Extremely amazed by what 12pay can do as opposed to the payroll i used to preparein excel. its hassle free payroll."08/07/08
"I searched everywhere for a simple to use package which auto generates payslips. I found what I was looking for with 12 pay. Excellent"05/07/08
"This is a wonderful programme which is very easy to use."04/07/08
"This is a user friendly software and I recommend it to every business especially the smaller ones."03/07/08
"I have never used any type of system like this before; really really impressed how easy it is to use. Recommend to anyone who is new to doing their own payroll."03/07/08
"Easy to use and makes payroll easy"01/07/08
"Very easy to use"22/06/08
"Payroll made simple ! An excellent payroll package in our opinion."12/06/08
"Just up my street. I just wish I had found you earlier."07/06/08
"If you are looking at this and thinking "what is the catch?" you will be just as surprised as I was to find out that there is NO catch whatsoever... Fully HMRC compliant, exceptionally straightforward to use. Worth so much more than the licence costs. Ross Macdonald. Business Adviser"04/06/08
"Love the software, so simple to use."03/06/08
"Simple and intuitive to use - unlike leading rival"03/06/08
"My transition from Sage to 12Pay has been effortless."27/05/08
"A useful feature packed program"27/05/08
"After trying unsuccessfully in the past to do computerised wages I eventually found 12pay.co.uk and it is so straightforward to use and has made life so much easier on pay days."23/05/08
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"very good service"22/05/08
"I have found 12Pay payroll very simple to use and of great benefit since have never done payroll until now. Many thanks."21/05/08
"Superb program. I have been a user of Sage Payroll for years and never thought I'd switch. I tested 12 Pay and liked it so much that I have stopped using Sage and bought the premium licence. Great value for money and very user friendly."20/05/08
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"Very good software. I will purchase three year licence int the next couple of months. I would really recommend this software."17/05/08
"As a new small company I found it very useful to be able to use an uncomplicated payroll like this one without a lot of expense. Something small companies are really grateful for. Thanks"15/05/08
"Very easy to use"13/05/08
"Very useful software, thank you very much"13/05/08
"This software is backed up with excellent video tutorials.Even though you can operate the software free of charge I feel the company deserve some recognition for their excellent efforts - Thank you"12/05/08
"Good system, easy to use and set up.Thanks"10/05/08
"The help guide very easy to use and a great help!"08/05/08
"Looked for a simple payroll software package and hey presto up comes 12pay. Excellent guys and spot on with the movie guidance. :)"06/05/08
"Thank you. A great product, simple to use, and gives confidence that payroll is correct."06/05/08
"Great software. Really helpful"05/05/08
"Thanks for letting me use the software, it's very good and does the job perfectly"03/05/08
"Very good easy to use software. 9 out 10. Connoisseur Windows Ltd."29/04/08
"At last someone willing to give free software, this is excellent software thank you"29/04/08
"Great usability . Does what it says on the tin."27/04/08
"I have used sage payroll, quickbooks payroll and others. This seems to be an extremely easy to use package & excellent value for money!"26/04/08
"Great payroll software; easy to use, great help files. Will be purchasing the full licence very soon. Dianne Smith."24/04/08
"Great software & great customer support. Very pleased with the product."23/04/08
"Excellent, finding it really easy to use and find my way around."22/04/08
"Very good Software, equally as good as some very expensive alternatives. Support very good, quick and efficient"22/04/08
"I have been using the free version of 12Pay for my company for the last six months, and have just completed my Year End using your software for the first time. I must say, I'm delighted with the ease with which I did this. Your forms are clear and easy to understand and your Help pages (and accompanying email sent out with the Year-End instructions) left me in no doubt as to how to proceed. The free update to the software with new tax codes, etc, was simple to install and has worked a treat - I can't believe how much more straightforward your software is to use than Sage, which I used before! Your helpline / email support lines are also extremely good. I've had nothing but friendly, prompt assistance when I've needed to ask. Yours is a fantastic product which I will recommend to anyone who will listen."16/04/08
"Super system great support"12/04/08
"Very good package"09/04/08
"Good free product. Easy to use. Now updating to premium package."08/04/08
"I have used the 12Pay software now for a year and am very happy with it's features and simplicity. I was also very grateful to have received free support from the company when I needed it. I have now purchased the premium version, because of my satisfactory experience with the free product. I can wholeheartedly recommend this product.Gabriele Smolarz, Administrator, RCS Residential Cleaning Services"02/04/08
"I found the software great to work with"30/03/08
"In a single word: "Fantastic". It does everything I need, plenty of reports and so easy to use. Thanks."27/03/08
"12Pay is extremely user friendly and good value for money. I will definitely recommend it to any small business that doesn't want a complicated, expensive payroll software."27/03/08
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"Software is very user friendly and intuitive. If you do ever need help the support is always quick and comprehensive."18/03/08
"Absolutely fabulous product and customer support services and completely suits my small business needs perfectly. Thanks very much from Maxine and Float Ltd"13/03/08
"Excellent stuff, the program is great, thanks."08/03/08
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"Extremely helpful and simple to use. I will be buying the premium edition"19/02/08
"I am a new employer and as a first time user I found the 12pay software extremely easy to use and the help files and video were very good too! I would pass it on to other people"15/02/08
"The 12Pay payroll system is excellent and having ' tested ' it for 39 weeks have now bought the Licence so that I can send the year end PAYE information direct to the Revenue. Well done 12Pay."12/02/08
"I love the support I recieve from 12pay staff - wonderful program and wonderful support!"06/02/08
"I am writing about this little gem of a payroll software I have come across. It does everything (leading rival) does, and you don't need pre-printed stationery, you can have the free version – which is excellent, but for a meagre £48 you can have the premium version. It is so simple to follow. You can have as many employers or employees as you like. The reports are so simple to produce and don't have funny names like (leading rival) does – I am so chuffed, I had to tell you. The help desk support is FANTASTIC – the speed of call backs is faster than queuing for (leading rival) to answer the phones and they are a friendly mob to deal with. They have training videos on the website too. (We were copied in on this email from one of our practice clients to a friend)"06/02/08
"I have been involved in selling computers and commercial software since 1982 and I have never, ever seen such a well thought out, capable piece of software at this price point. Incredible value for money."03/02/08
"So far I have done a test payroll and I find it nice and easy to use with the excellent simple and easy to understand video. I have chosen this from the internet because it is easy to go through and understand. Sarah Temple"31/01/08
"Being a small charity it is good to get help with running the business side"29/01/08
"Good Software"22/01/08
"Superb software. We are a small company and we all hate admin, so I am now a hero because I cheerfully run the payroll. It's easy."05/01/08
" I think it is brilliant for small businesses starting up. Thank you!"22/12/07
"This was a tremendous help to me as i have been asked to do wages and did not have a clue but the programme was great. We have a trial but will stay when the trial finishes. (The trial is as long as you like; buy when you are ready, but before year end to get the £100 rebate from HMRC for internet filing)"15/12/07
"Thanks. New business, enough to think about! Have paid for premium edition straight away. A huge help."11/12/07
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"I find 12Pay easy to use, it has all the facilities I need, and the reports are fully informative."07/12/07
"Very simple and easy to use!"04/12/07
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"This is an excellent product. It makes life easier for us stressed out busy business people"30/11/07
"I showed 12Pay to my accountant, and he asked me not to let any of his other clients know, as he would lose out on lucrative payroll work!"30/11/07
"Yours is the best and easiest payroll software ever. Thanks for designing this system."23/11/07
"For a user who has never used any accounting software before, I found this program extremely easy to use."16/11/07
"Thank you for your help today. Everything is much clearer now and the system looks so easy and also exciting, if payroll can be so!"15/11/07
"We have found this programme to be very easy to use and user friendly. I have told other small businesses about it."15/11/07
"So far i am very impressed with the service - we like free stuff"09/11/07
"This software is very easy to use. The instructional video was very helpful"05/11/07
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"Works exactly as advertised and made it very easy for a new small company to get the payroll sorted out in minutes - Great Job! Thank you."01/11/07
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"As a new employer we were worried about getting everything correct. 12Pay has made it so easy, and the support has been excellent. Thanks."31/10/07
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"Thankyou - This software is extremely easy to use"22/10/07
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"Looking for a payroll system for a very small company, this is ideal - thank you"04/10/07
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"This product is superb and I would recommend it to anyone!"30/09/07
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"Just did the first pay run. Very successful, thanks very much. Much neater than Sage Payroll!"28/09/07
"Even the free version is loads better than what I'd been paying for in the past"26/09/07
"It is a great inexpensive software service!"25/09/07
"I've found this facility to be really useful."24/09/07
"Much easier to use than the HMRC software supplied on CDROM"18/09/07
"Very user friendly, hence now having the courage to prepare salaries for my staff myself."17/09/07
"An excellent, easy to use product. As a small charity with only one employee your free service in invaluable."16/09/07
"What a fantastic service. It is easy to set up and use and is very simple, reporting just what we need."14/09/07
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"Great, easy to use."14/09/07
"Just the ticket for a new business. Thank you"08/09/07
"Very easy to use - good reports etcNo problems so far!"05/09/07
"So far it is brilliant"04/09/07
"Finding the program easy to use for our small business. Thank you............."02/09/07
"Why pay hundreds of pounds for a system provided free by 12Pay?"31/08/07
"Extremely useful and very easy to use"31/08/07
"So far this is fantastic...usually use (leading rival) which is too difficult for a small business"29/08/07
"Very helpful cost effective software thanks"29/08/07
"Very easy to set up and use. Videos excellent method of instruction"28/08/07
"Excellent piece of software, thank you!"22/08/07
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"Very helpful, thanks."18/08/07
"Easy to use and when ever I was unsure I just watched the movie and I was back on track so helpful and simple !!"17/08/07
"This is a great product for only £40 + VAT anyone would be silly not to use it FREE or buy the Premium License. This is my first payroll attempt and I watched the free demo video and I have set up my first Employee today. I can't thank you enough. I will be recommending this product to all my associates."16/08/07
"Excellent, I will purchase the premium version very soon, Thanks"14/08/07
"Thank you exactly what I need for employing a carer for my disabled child."10/08/07
"Thank you for your very prompt and impressive response (you can use this quote on your website if you want!!)"10/08/07
"Fantastic, you have just saved me hours of going through the dreaded tables. Thank you"06/08/07
"Excellent Software for any sized company!!! GREAT!!!"05/08/07
"Its just fantastic, the easiest and most accurate system I've ever used and I would recommended it to anyone."05/08/07
"Really good product!"04/08/07
"First time user to site - excellent, especially as HMRC gave wrong information (verbally) re tax. 12pay confirmed through HMRC own website calculator that 12pay calculations were correct. Support from 12pay wonderful."04/08/07
"Extremely useful and easy to use"01/08/07
"I'm impressed with programme & price. I have had a few problems, but thats either me or my new computer which I am still having problems with. However support at 12 pay is great and always at hand to help."31/07/07
"Excellent, easy to use even for me."30/07/07
"I am a new user of this software and completely new to PAYE. I found the software fairly easy to pick up and the help text very informative."29/07/07
"Excellent software and easy to use"28/07/07
"Very good"26/07/07
"very user friendly,not too taxing!!"24/07/07
"This is a very useful program, I can't believe you get all this for free"23/07/07
"I cannot think of anything to critique; 12Pay is a very easy to use package and the reporting is superb. Caching all the reports and payslips generated is great. It gives a complete history. The layout is also good and clear."19/07/07
"I recommend this software to any small company. It does everything that it should with such quality you just don't expect from something that is free! Thank you!"18/07/07
"Great software easy to use"10/07/07
"This software looks great"05/07/07
"Recommended by my outsourced bookkeeper. Seems easy and simple to use, and I'm no expert."05/07/07
"Brilliant software that is accurate and easy to use. The company has a great attitude and answered all of my many questions in a friendly manner. I would recommend it."04/07/07
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"Simple, intuitive, a Godsend!"17/06/07
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"It sounds as though it will be perfect for our very small business and will pay for itself within two months of use!"07/06/07
"Great Software"30/05/07
"What more can anyone ask from a software that is free. It does exactly what it says on the tin."29/05/07
"Thankyou so much, you are always so helpful and quick to respond."24/05/07
"Never had a speedier response to a query. Many thanks."15/05/07
"Great software, easy to use"14/05/07
"It was so easy to use your software. Over the moon with it all. xxxxxxxxxxx"14/05/07
"Very helpful"13/05/07
"This is the first payroll software I have ever used and within an hour I had printed a payslip with correct entries for tax and NI. I'm impressed."10/05/07
"Excellent versatile software with great info video and all for free. Almost unbelievable!"09/05/07
"Great site great software"09/05/07
"Well designed and easy to understand website"09/05/07
"Easy to use software. Very well presented information."09/05/07
"I have just been sorting out this month's payroll. Having got used to stumbling through the clumsy hassle of the (rival supplier) system I used before, it is wonderful how simple and intuitive your system is. No more needing to buy printed stationery from (rival supplier) at rip off prices just to generate pay slips. Many thanks for a great system."05/05/07
"I have worked in payroll for many years in many companies spending millions of pounds on systems that are unreliable. I went self employed with 12pay and help many small businesses keep the cost of accounting down"04/05/07
"Easy to use software that does what it says"01/05/07
"Software looks easy to use"27/04/07
"Easy to use software"26/04/07
"Works fine"26/04/07
"Very helpful"25/04/07
"Good software !"24/04/07
"As a beginner to wages and a payroll system I have been very impressed with the ease of setting up a complete database that does everything for me including printing off payslips! Thank you Inland Revenue."24/04/07
"Looks a very Good product"19/04/07
"Thanks for providing good payroll software for free!"18/04/07
"Great software, very user friendly"18/04/07
"Looks a very good software product"17/04/07
"I've never felt so well disposed to new software after first use as this. Simple and good. Movie approach is excellent: don't slicken it up."17/04/07
"Easy to use"17/04/07
"New user, but fantastic software and help"16/04/07
"User-friendly and gives the necessary support to prepare your payroll"15/04/07
"A very comprehensive payroll software system with a nice user interface. Quick and easy setup, and had my payroll up in minutes!!"14/04/07
"Now that's what I call service!! Thanks for answering so promptly, I'm still in shock."12/04/07
"Easy to use good software"12/04/07
"Very Useful and excellent value for money"05/04/07
"The software is very good"04/04/07
"Fabulous software for a small company like ours, Thankyou."03/04/07
"Program is easy to use!!"02/04/07
"I am very impressed. Feel free to quote me."02/04/07
"Excellent product simple to use."31/03/07
"You give a wonderful service"30/03/07
"Amazing Support Service!"30/03/07
"Fantastic package"28/03/07
"Thank you..."21/03/07
"This is an easy to use payroll package. It takes the worry out of tax and NI deductions. It is excellent."17/03/07
"The software is very easy to use."06/03/07
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