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29,000 employers pay 250,000 employees using 12Pay

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12Pay payroll software can send payslips and P60s by email.

You need to put an email address on each employee's HR tab and 12Pay needs to be configured to talk to your email server.

The information that 12Pay needs for sending emails is that same information that would be required for Outlook or any other PC email software to send emails. 12Pay needs the internet address of your email server, and to know a few technical details of how to send emails using that server, and of course 12Pay is likely to need to know your email user name (often the same as your email address, but not always) and your email password.

Once you've followed the instructions below and entered your mail settings into 12Pay you can email payslips from 12Pay by clicking the arrow next to the "Payslips" button on the payroll form, and selecting the "Email Payslips" option on the menu that appears.

To configure 12Pay for sending emails you click the "Mail" button on the employer form, and then you can fill in the details of your email server:


Here are instructions for filling in the mail settings form if you are using one of the common public mail servers. Once you've filled the form in you can click the "Test..." button and you should get a test email at the sending email address that you've provided.

Google Mail


Yahoo Mail


Hotmail (Microsoft Live)


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