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29,000 employers pay 250,000 employees using 12Pay

Are you ready for Payroll Year End?

To ensure you are ready, we have put together a Payroll Year End training video that will help guide you through the process within your 12Pay Payroll Software.Just £50 for payroll peace of mind

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Which Licence do You Need?

Whatever you need, you start by downloading the free software, then you choose your licence. Prices are annual and all-inclusive of software licence, support, and updates.

Express (Free) Premium (£66.00+VAT)* Bureau (£130.00+VAT) New Automatic Enrolment Module

Premium Edition

(£132.00 + VAT)

Bureau Edition

(£251.00 + VAT) 
Free software which does all of your pay calculations and handles all of your HMRC filing (such as RTI).  Perfect for a company with up to 9 employees where payslips and management reports are not required.Trial features of the Express/CIS edition are available for the first 6 weeks or months in which the software is used depending on your pay frequency.

Our low cost licence. Includes payslips and numerous reports along with many other useful features as outlined below. Up to 3 companies each with up to 30 employees can be managed with a Premium licence. Includes all the features of a Premium licence. Required for practices, bureaus and larger companies. A Bureau licence allows any number of companies, each with any number of employees. Gives you the ability to create a nominated automatic enrolment scheme, define qualifying earnings and pensionable pay, assess your workforce, automatically enrol workers into a pension scheme, produce remittance files and produce automatic enrolment files.

12Pay's payroll software provides a wealth of features specifically designed to save you costs associated with your payroll. Here is adetailed feature list.

Feature Express Edition Premium Edition Bureau Edition CIS

One Year Licence Free £66.00 +VAT* £130.00 +VAT £31.00 +VAT
Recognised by HMRC
Runs on your PC, you have ownership and control of your data
Limit to the number of companies that can be managed on one licence 3 3 No Limit 3 
Maximum number of employees per company (Including leavers) 9 30 No Limit  
Designed to be as easy as possible for novices
Monthly payrolls, weekly payrolls, 2 weekly payrolls, and 4 weekly payrolls
An unlimited number of payrolls in each company
An unlimited number of employees in each payroll Trial*    
Automatic calculation of PAYE, all tax codes handled
New starter employee tax code automatically derived from P45, P46 or P38S
Automatic calculation of National Insurance
Director’s rules for NI calculations when required
An unlimited number of regular payments or deductions per employee
Payments and Deductions can be lump-sum or hours/rate/pay
Easily handles irregular and casual employees, and employees with multiple payment rates such as overtime
An unlimited number of one-off payments or deductions per employee each period
Automatic week 53/54/56 if required
Trial pay calculations as many times as needed
Student Loans handled automatically
Retention of Historic Data        
All information from old periods kept indefinitely
Reports from old periods can be reprinted at any time
All information from previous years kept indefinitely
Reports from previous years can be reprinted at any time
Operations can continue in new PAYE year before previous PAYE year has been finalised and submitted
Easy and fully-audited adjustments where an employee has had the wrong NI table applied in a previous period
Integrated backup and restore functionality
Automatic local backup before each period-end procedure
Absences and Statutory Payments        
Automatic calculation of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
Automatic calculation of Statutory Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Pay (SMP/SPP/SAP)
Statutory absence calendar for each employee
Automatic calculation of SSP Recovery
Automatic calculation of SMP/SPP/SAP recovery and small employer compensation if necessary
Recording of holiday and compassionate leave   o
Automatic calculation of accrued holiday entitlement, can either be based on annual days (like regular staff/salaried employees) or based on an hourly holiday accrual rate (eg 12.1% statutory minimum)    o
All reports produced as Abobe Acrobat documents
No special stationery required
Payslips print on blank paper Trial** Trial
Pay and overtime can show on payslips as pay values or as hours x rate = pay
Option to print selfseal payslips   o
Option to print A4 window-envelope style payslips   o
Option to print on pre-printed sheet-feed payslips   o
Option to email payslips to employees rather than printing them   o
P11, P60 and Pay statements can be printed en masse Trial Trial
P11, P60 and Pay statements can be separately requested for each employee
P11 reports showing employee PAYE and NI
P32 report showing how much should be paid to the Inland Revenue. Complete monthly/quarterly P32 breakdown available at any time
P35 end of year report
P45s for leavers print on standard IR stationery
P45(Online) form following internet submission of P45(1)   o
P60s for employees at year end print on blank paper
Payroll summary report list total payments and deductions this period Trial Trial
Reconciliation report shows detail of differences between this period and last period Trial Trial
Net pay report includes employee bank details Trial Trial
Department summary report shows totals for easy entry into accounting system Trial Trial
Annual summary of period pay for each employee Trial Trial
Annual hours worked summary report by employee and month   o
Small red copyright notice on all reports     o
Small very light grey copyright notice on all reports     o
Option to replace 12Pay copyright message on reports with your own message      o
Additional colour-schemes so that payslips can match corporate image   o
Nominal ledger summary report   o
Option to print your own logo on reports and payslips    o
Simple Report Writer for creating your own reports     o
Sundry Facilities        
Automatic calculation of net pay up to gross pay if required
Automatic calculation of advance holiday weeks for weekly-paid employees
Numerous pension deductions defined, including lump sum payment, percentages, COMP, and stakeholder
Employee loan repayments from net pay, which stop automatically when the loan has been fully repaid
Attachments of earnings, including protected net pay and carry-forward of arrears
Earnings Arrestments and CMA orders, including protected net pay and carry-forward of arrears
Collection of Magistrate Court fines and Council Tax Attachments
Option to automatically suppress tax refunds to employees who do not work every week.
Built in backup and restore function
Online help available for all functions
Additional HR details stored against employees   o
Facility to link external documents (eg Word, Excel) to employee records   o
Link to Business Link tool for generating Written Statement of Employment   o
External Interfaces        
HMRC generic file for inspector
Most values on P35 calculated automatically from employee data
Live submission of RTI by internet to HMRC (FPS/EPS/NVR/EAS) <10 employees 
Live submission of Internet P14/P35 to HMRC at year end <10 employees  o
Net pay files for banking software   o
Internet submission of starter and leaver details (P45 and P46) to HMRC  <10 employees o
Export of nominal ledger transaction summarising payroll suitable for Sage Line 50   o
Optional integration with KashFlow bookkeeping software   o
XML export of payroll data  
Excel or csv export of payroll data   o
Import of this period's payments and deductions from Excel   o
Import of this period's payments and deductions from a file   o
Import of new employees from Excel spreadsheet   o
Update of existing employees from Excel spreadsheet     o
Option to email payslips to employees rather than printing them   o
CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Extensions for Subcontractors        
Can be used by contractor paying subcontractors, or for subcontractors to operate their own payroll.   o o
Specify if subcontractor payments deducted at higher CIS rate or lower rate by default, or gross for no deduction    o o
One-off payments automatically attract CIS deduction at subcontractor rate   o o
Calculated CIS deduction can be manually adjusted as payment is entered   o o
CIS deduction reference from contractor may be entered, operator is warned if it is not supplied   o o
System shows CIS deduction as an employer rebate, and automatically makes appropriate nominal ledger entries if premium licence has been purchased   o o
CIS deduction column shown on employee summary report and P11 (Tax)   o o
P32 (Payment summary report) includes CIS deduction column, and automatically adds/subtracts CIS deduction from liability to HMRC   o o
P35 (End of year summary report) includes CIS total for the year, and adds/subtracts it from total liability to HMRC   o o
Internet submissions are automatically adjusted to reflect CIS deductions   o o
CIS300 report shows CIS deductions for the month   o o
Internet submission of CIS300   Needs Premium and CIS
Internet request of subcontractor verification number   Needs Premium and CIS

Automatic Enrolment Module:                                 Premium edition £132+ VAT / Bureau Edition £251+ VAT    
Hold staging date  

Postponement functionality  

Categorising the workers into the following: entitled worker/non-eligible jobholder/eligible jobholder  

Identify the workers who need to be enrolled  

Automatically enrol workers onto a nominated automatic enrolment scheme  

Hold other pensions schemes  

Opt out functionality  

Calculate employee and worker pension contributions  

Re-assess the workforce every payroll run  

Production of the pension provider payment report  

Assess the communications required  

Publish the communications electronically  

Delivers the required communications to your workers smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer  

Calculate employee and worker pension contributions  

*£10 introductory discount for new clients

**Trial features of the Express/CIS edition are available for the first 6 weeks or months in which the software is used

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