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Are you ready for Payroll Year End?

To ensure you are ready, we have put together a Payroll Year End training video that will help guide you through the process within your 12Pay Payroll Software.Just £50 for payroll peace of mind

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Are you having difficulties following the instructions? Check the Year End FAQ

If you cannot find the answer you're looking for in the FAQ then please contact us or use the forum.

We suggest you print our year end document which can be found here, and tick off each completed item. Most of the items can be done in any order.

Are your employee details are complete and up to date? Fill in NI number, gender, and birthday where known. Fill in addresses on the Personal tab of each employee. Enter proper formal names, e.g. "David Oliver Smith" rather than "Dave Smith"

Complete the Main tab of the Employer form:
  • Enter Address, Tax Office (the three digit number on correspondence from HMRC), Tax Reference (the string of numbers/letters that follow the 3 digit number on correspondence from HMRC), HMRC User ID, and HMRC Password. Do not confuse O and 0, and do not confuse I, 1, or l
  • Make the employer Report PAYE Year relevant to the current tax year, so the reports and submissions you request will apply to the correct year
  • Enter the Contact Details. These will go on your submission, and make it easier for HMRC to contact you if they have any questions
  • Fill in the Accounts Office Reference on the employer form
Once you have reached year end do the following:
  • Upgrade your software to the latest release. To ensure that the latest and correct legislation is in place for the new tax year it is essential to update 12Pay prior to advancing to the next tax year. Select Help / Get Latest Release in the software or manually download the installation file here 
  • Run the final period of the year in every payroll. Be aware that this year if you have weekly payrolls that end on the 5th April there will be 53 weeks in the tax year (and likewise there is the possibility of 54 or 56 weeks in fortnightly or lunar payrolls that end on that date)
  • Once you are happy with the final period press the button at the bottom-right of the Payroll form to advance to the next period. Note that in this case it will say Year [YYYY] (referring to the tax year you are moving the payroll to). If you are offered the option to update your software at this stage you must accept it then click the next period button again after the update has completed. After the software update, return to the payroll form and click the Year [YYYY] button again). This will also increase tax codes by the required values
  • Print P60s for employees. If you have advanced all payrolls in your company to the new year you'll be prompted to print P60s, which you can check before you file your final FPS. A P60 will be produced for every employee who was still employed on April 5th. P60s are not required for employees who have left. 12Pay prints P60s in colour on blank paper
  • 12Pay software stores each year's data so you can do earlier tax years reports and submissions even though you've started the next tax year. The software automatically uses appropriate calculations according the date of each payroll as it is calculated. This is particularly useful if you have weekly payrolls. You can carry on processing payrolls in the current tax year while other payrolls are still in an earlier tax year
  • Print the reports on the employer form. Print the P11 (Tax), P11 (NI), and P32. Have a look at them to see if you think they look correct for your company
  • Having difficulty getting an EPS or FPS to transmit sucessfully? Please try the Authentication FAQ first; if that doesn't help read the Troubleshooting information in the F1 online help in the software
  • Print the P60 report from the employer form. If you didn't print them earlier, when filing the final FPS, you can request them now. A P60 will be produced for every employee who was still employed on April 5th. P60s are not required for employees who have left. 12Pay prints P60s in colour on blank paper
  • Move the employer 'Report Year' on to the current tax year. Once you've got the reports that you need you can move the Report Year on the Employer form on. If you need any reports for an earlier period you can just move the Report Year back again
  • Remember to file a P11Db Report (Expenses and Benefits). If you ticked the P11D required box on the final EPS or FPS declaration you have until 6th July to file your P11Db. You cannot file this through 12Pay because the expenses and benefits information that you need to file isn't available in the payroll system. You can file P11Ds directly on the HMRC website by logging in using your government gateway password
  • Claim Employers' NI Allowance. Most business and charity employers can claim a £3000 employers NI reduction (From April 2016), which comes out of their regular PAYE/NI payments to HMRC. You can claim this in 12Pay by ticking the the Claim Employers' NI Allowance box on the main Employer form. The box to tick is on the right, just above the HMRC login password and below the button with your licence number on it. Ticking this box will make the software generate an EPS (RTI Employer Payment Summary) to claim the allowance when you move a payroll to a new PAYE month. Your P32 reports will also be adjusted to show the effect of the allowance on your payments to HMRC

Please let us know if you have any suggestions about these procedures. Let us know if you think there is anything more we should have said, or anything that we could have made clearer.

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