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29,000 employers pay 250,000 employees using 12Pay

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All users read this first
Instructions for Expert Windows Users
Instructions for Less Confident Windows Users


All Users Read This First

Install 12Pay on your new PC by downloading it from our website and running the 12PaySetup.exe installer.

You will need to licence the software on your new PC. To do that you need your existing user name and password. Usually you can read these on your old PC, by opening 12Pay and going to File then Licence.

You can request the password from the login page of our website. 

If you can't remember your user name you'll need to contact us giving details such as licence number, invoice number, the email address you used when you signed up or the name of one of your registered companies.

Instructions for Expert Windows Users

By default the data for 12Pay systems is stored in My Documents/12Pay, though when you created your employer file you may have chosen to store it elsewhere. 

The employer files will have the yellow 12Pay icon. There is one employer file for each company you operate and that file contains all the payrolls/payments/employees for that employer.

You can either copy the entire 12Pay folder or just the employer files themselves, to the same location on your new PC. 

If the employer files are in the 12Pay folder and you copy them into the same location on the new PC before you first start up 12Pay it should ask you if you want to use them.

If the employer files aren't stored in My Documents/12Pay you will need to locate them. They can be identified in the Search for files and folders routine using *.PAY. If you search for files with a .PAY extension like that you will also find some files with names like Master123Pay.Pay which you should ignore, as they are used internally by 12Pay for its own purposes. When 12Pay is running it shows the location of the currently open employer file on its Help/About form.

12Pay backups are simply renamed copies of the employer file that was backed up. So one way of using a backup is to rename it to ANameYouChoose.pay and then you'll find that you can use it directly (for example by just double-clicking it to open it).

Instructions for Less Expert Windows Users

If you aren't so comfortable with things like copying files and folders in the Windows file system then these step-by-step instructions will help. You need to be able to take 12Pay employer file backups from your old system, using File/Backup in the software, or you need to have backups already stored somewhere e.g. on a memory stick.

  • Take backups of the 12Pay data from the old PC onto a memory stick, or locate a backup from the old PC that you already have
  • Start 12Pay
  • When you are prompted to create a new employer file do so
  • The new employer file will start up and you'll be prompted to create a payroll in it; cancel this because you're about to restore a backup into this file
  • Use File/Restore to restore a backup
  • In the Open File form that you can now see you need to navigate to the folder with your backup in it. This is either your memory stick, or a folder that you've copied your backup into. Once you can see the backup file in the Open File form click on it, then click the Open button
  • Your employer file should now load and you'll see the list of employees
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