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29,000 employers pay 250,000 employees using 12Pay

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Here we explain how to licence your software and print a VAT invoice after you've purchased a licence for 12Pay. 

1. Start 12Pay, select an employer, go to File then Licence

2. The licence form will appear. Complete the user name and password you use to login to this website, then click Retrieve from Internet. If you have forgotten your user name and password, please contact us

3. If you don't get your details right, or if your PC is not connected to the internet, you may get a message like this one:

4. If you haven't yet registered an employer name on your licence you will see a form like this:

in which case you should type in your company name and then click Add to register your company with us


5. You may be presented with a list of employers that you've registered previously

in which case you can either double click on the current one to register the current payroll file, or you can type a new name into the box at the top and click  Add (as in step 4)

6. Once your licences have been retrieved, if you retrieved a new paid-for licence, the system will show the following message:

7. Once you've finished registering you'll get the licence form back with your licence details automatically filled in. You may need a VAT invoice for your records, in which case you can print it by clicking Print Invoice. Otherwise just click Save and Exit

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