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CIS Suffered is recorded on the Employer Payment Submission (EPS) form of 12Pay's payroll software.

You will need to submit one EPS for each period in which you are reporting an amount.

Run the EPS from the Employer reports menu.


You can change the month and/or year in the “Report Requested” form that appears briefly when you request the EPS. Click on the year or month to stop the timer so that you can alter the form. Once you've selected the correct year and month you can click the "Continue" button:


On the EPS, click the payment history button, and hit the “Add Payment” option.


Enter the Payment Date (the Year and Period fields will default according to the date – you can change them)Enter the Value and select “CIS Credit” from the dropdown list in the Type field:


Then click “Save” at the top of the screen.

The CIS Suffered value will be updated (as a positive figure) on the EPS. Please note that EPS figures are cumulative (they will include the amounts from earlier months in the same PAYE year).


You can now go to the Submit tab and submit the EPS:

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