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Are you ready for Payroll Year End?

To ensure you are ready, we have put together a Payroll Year End training video that will help guide you through the process within your 12Pay Payroll Software.Just £50 for payroll peace of mind

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Understanding Automatic Enrolment Legislation - On Demand Training Video

The 20 minute online training video created by 12Pay payroll experts is the perfect way to educate yourself on auto enrolment legislation; content includes: 

  • Overview of Workplace Pension Reform
  • Key Organisations
  • Key tasks to prepare for automatic enrolment
  • Staging
  • Nominate a contact
  • Raising awareness

To access your copy log in to your account and purchase from the store for £55 +VAT. You will then be able to access the video when you are logged in to your account. Just go to the Video section of the website whenever you prefer and view the training video as many times as you like. The course is legislation focused and does not cover how to use the 12Pay AE Module to help you comply with auto enrolment. 

Purchasing this legislation training does not include the 12Pay AE Module. You have to purchase this separately.

What is auto enrolment?
When will auto enrolment start for my company?
How can 12Pay help me with auto enrolment?
Where can I see an employee's auto enrolment Status according to 12Pay?
Can I file auto enrolment instructions with pension providers using 12Pay?
Are the auto enrolment features of 12Pay free with the standard Premium or Bureau licence?
Will 12Pay manage all of the automatic enrolment communications?

What is auto enrolment?

Auto enrolment is part of Workplace Pension Reform. The Government requires all employers to offer pension schemes to employees; 
if employees meet certain criteria they must be automatically enrolled onto a scheme. The date from which an employer must operate auto enrolment is called their Staging Date. Most employers have staging dates between now and 2018. Click here for more information.


When will auto enrolment start for my company?

The Pension Regulator has published a Staging Date tool. You will need your PAYE reference number to use it.


How can 12Pay help me with auto enrolment?

The 12Pay AE Module works with 12Pay to make assessment and communications to your workforce simple and in line with criteria set by The Pension Regulator. Every payroll run, the module will assess the workforce and automatically enrol Eligible Jobholders into a nominated pension scheme. 

In partnership with IRIS Software, the 12Pay AE Module generates the legally required communications and delivers them directly to your workforce. They can be sent directly to an employee’s email address, are viewable through a secure online portal and can also be printed for posting.

Employees can access their information anywhere via: 

• Employee portal
• iPhone / iPad app
• Android app
• Windows Mobile app

Purchase the Automatic Enrolment Module via the online shop; once you have you can view our set-up guide relating to auto enrolment and OpenEnrol here.


Where can I see an employee's auto enrolment status according to 12Pay?

Entered your Staging Date (on the Advanced tab of the Employer form in the software) and 12Pay will assess your employees  o see if they should be enrolled, 
every time you calculate their pay. You can see the result of the assessment on each employee's HR tab:

  • Eligible Jobholders must be enrolled in a qualifying pension scheme
  • Non-Eligible Jobholders are not automatically enrolled, but may choose to opt-in to a qualifying pension scheme if they wish
  • Entitled Workers may choose to contribute to a pension scheme, but the employer does not have to contribute

All workers should be provided with appropriate information about their auto-enrolment status.


Can I file auto enrolment instructions with my pension provider using 12Pay?

12Pay can file auto enrolment contribution and enrolment details for:

  • NEST
  • AVIVA - 2 files joiners and contributions
  • NOW
  • Scottish Widows
  • Standard Life - Enrolments and contributions
  • Peoples Pensions
  • Friends Life

Please note that 12Pay is not in a position to endorse or recommend any pension provider. 12Pay is not a financial adviser.


Are the auto enrolment features of 12Pay free with a standard Premium or Bureau licence?

No, you need to purchase an upgrade for your Premium or Bureau licence in order to access the Auto Enrolment features of 12Pay. You can purchase the Automatic Enrolment Module via the online shop


Will 12Pay manage the auto enrolment communications? 

Yes, thanks to the partnership with IRIS Software, automatic enrolment communications will be generated by the Automatic Enrolment Module. Driven by payroll the Automatic Enrolment Module will produce the right communications at the right time, based on the employees' work status. Employees with email addresses will have the communications emailed directly to them, those without can have their communications printed.


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