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12Pay GDPR Compliance

How Are 12Pay and IRIS Getting Ready For GDPR?

On the 25th May the UK will undergo the biggest change in data protection laws since the Data Protection Act 1998.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace current legislation and provide more up to date rules for business to follow when handling and processing customer data.

How has IRIS been preparing?

As part of the IRIS Group, 12Pay has been part of a wide ranging project to update our processes and policies to align them with the upcoming GDPR. IRIS has been preparing for these changes for some time and we have real confidence in our ability to continue out support to customers and help them meet their responsibilities.

During the last few months, IRIS has been carrying out a full GDPR product compliance analysis and risk-assessment. All data processing documentation that will be relevant to the new Regulation will also be fully updated in advance. 

In recent months we have been carrying out a full GDPR analysis and risk-assessment alongside updating all relevant data processing documents.

Key steps we've taken to comply with GDPR?

1. We have appointed a Data Protection officer to monitor our processes, raise awareness and provide training and guidance to our staff.

2. IRIS has undertaken a large scale project to update all documentation on our processes and data flows across the organisation. At the same time we have been analysing our processes to identify potential vulnerabilities. This has enabled us to focus on improvements ahead of 25th May.

3. Our team has carried out a detailed gap analysis to assess our compliance levels and to detect areas in need of improvement within our product suite. We've also conducted risk assessments to identify areas where additional security may be required.

Our promise to our Customers

All of our customers will be kept up to date on any significant changes that are necessary to your service provision and we have the utmost confidence that we'll continue to deliver the same high levels of service you expect from us. 

Useful Information for 12Pay Customers

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IRIS Data Protection Policy

What’s next?

GDPR will revolutionise the way businesses handle data and IRIS are at the very forefront of the developments to ensure the changes are seamless for you. The IRIS insight hub has some great information and resources for anyone with questions on the upcoming changes.

Visit the IRIS GDPR Hub
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