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New Post
31/01/2008 15:46


As a new user to 12 Pay I like the software, it does all I need in a nice simple package.

The one query I have is that it doesn't appear to produce an Employers NI breakdown on a monthly basis i.e. within the P32 report. This means that I need to use a calculator to work out what I, as a business am also paying HMRC on top of the employees tax & NI.

In Sage for example we post these sums into different Nominal ledgers and it would be most helpful if 12 Pay provided these calculations for us.

Sean McMenemy

Ark Wildlife

New Post
31/01/2008 15:49
Hello Sean,

Thanks for the query.

The information we think you are asking for is already available. Take a look at the nominal summary report, for example, which not only provides the information, but packages it up in such a way that you can post it into Sage Line 50.

12Pay Support
New Post
24/02/2008 08:35
This is a two part question really.

1. I have been shadowing our accountant using 12pay although he had been doing the monthly payment to HMRC. The problem is that although the weekly nominal report is fine and I get a sensible total at the bottom of each weekly report for both NICs and PAYE tax, the  P32 report, does not make sense. None of the payments we have made to the HMRC tally with what is on the 12pay P32 summary. This P32 shows periods rather than weeks.Why is it not clear which weeks are included in which period? There are even red negative numbers in one period for PAYE tax, which is obviously incorrect if you look at the weekly summaries. I would like to use 2pay to do online payments but how can I make sure my submissions will be correct especially if the P32 is clearly incorrect and doesn't correspond to the weekly summaries?

2. We do a weekly payroll but amonthly return. I also have a problem understanding how the monthly totalform the 6th of each month to the 5th of the next, is worked out if thepayroll is weekly. Looking at the accountants calculations they were just taking the totals from the weekly wage reports of completed unpaid weeks prior to the 5th of the month and adding them up to find the total to be paid. How does this square with how the 12pay programme works out totals due to the HMRC each month?
New Post
24/02/2008 08:42
12Pay places weekly data in the P32 months using the same criteria as your accountant describes. ie using week-ending dates between the 6th and the 5th of the following month. We've never had any suggestion before that our P32 figures are wrong, indeed some of the accreditation tests include stringent checks of the P32 in a couple of strange situations to make sure that it still comes out right.

Evidently you are seeing what you are seeing however, so we need to explain that. Perhaps you could send us a backup of your data as an attachment by private email to support@12pay.co.uk, (Use the Backup option on the menu or just copy the .PAY file in MyDocuments/12Pay) and we'll see if we can work out what is perplexing you. (or indeed where we've gone wrong)

EDIT: Upon examination of the client's data the P32 exactly matched the P11 details. There had been tax code changes that generated substantial tax refunds, explaining the negative P32 tax totals.

12Pay Support
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